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Meet Aly J. Yale: Digital & Aviation Marketing Expert

Meet Aly J. Yale: Digital & Aviation Marketing Expert | Haley Aerospace

Last month, we introduced you to our fearless leader and resident pilot, Gayle Haley. Now, it’s time to take another peek behind the curtain and meet the face beyond most of Haley Aerospace’s content and digital strategy: Aly J. Yale.

Content, Marketing & SEO, Oh My!

When it comes to the online world, Aly is a veritable jack of all trades (or maybe Jill?). Over the years, she’s worked with marketing agencies, universities, law firms, doctors and, most importantly, aviation and aerospace brands to create custom-fit, powerful strategies that bring in leads—qualified, ready-to-buy ones that bring clients money.

With experience in SEO, content marketing, social media and web design/usability, she’s able to dig in and get her hands dirty on whatever clients might need. But her real strength? That lies in writing.

A longtime veteran of the publishing world, Aly’s work can be seen in The Dallas Morning News, Dave Campbell’s Texas Football Magazine, MReport, DS News, Addison Magazine, Mansfield Magazine and more. She’s also an experienced blogger and editor, and you’ll see her work often on our website and the sites of our clients and customers.

Aviation Marketing Extraordinaire

Since joining the Haley Aerospace team in early 2015, Aly’s been an integral part of our aviation marketing campaigns. She helped take Atlantic Aviation to new heights through social media and press content, and she spearheaded SEO efforts that took Genesys Aerosystems to the top of Google search results in just a matter of months.

Chances are if you’ve ever worked with Haley Aerospace, you’ve worked with Aly—whether you’ve known it or not. An integral part of the team, she plays a key role in our aviation marketing efforts from start to finish.

Stay tuned in the coming months to meet more of the Haley Aerospace team!


Five Ways Blogging Wins You Customers

blogging for aerospace marketingWhen it comes to business, blogging isn’t just something your 13-year-old does online to vent about the lack of coffee selection or required gym clothes at school.  When talking about it in respect to business, think of blogging as a way of starting a dialogue with new customers or a way of strengthening your relationship with current customers.

Blogging actually serves a number of purposes in an aerospace marketing strategy.  Here are five reasons to incorporate blogging into your strategy for winning and retaining customers.

1.    Establish Your Knowledge Base and Reliability

When a new customer is looking to make a decision on a purchase, be it for B2C or B2B, one of the first places they look is your website. Sure, the look and feel and overall “snazziness” of it all is going to grab their attention, but what’s going to win their business is your ability to show them you know what you’re doing, that you are there for your customers and that you’re tuned into the aerospace and aviation industries just like them.

To be successful in this aspect, create blogs that are based on some of the most frequently asked questions from your newer customers. Blogs that cover questions, customer service issues and industry trends will also show that you know how to take care of your business and that you are a reliable resource for customer support and industry knowledge in the future.

2.    Establish Trust

Earning the sale is a massive sign of trust from the customer’s perspective, but before you are awarded the sale you have to earn it by showing you are worthy of their trust. It’s all about building relationships and a blog is a great first step in the process.

Creating expert blogs, such has “how to” or “insider news” articles, establishes a sense of trust and goodwill with prospective customers because you are sharing information for free and not making them pay for it in advance.

Another great way to establish trust is to pull the curtain back on your aerospace organization and introduce your staff and the inner workings of daily life at the office. Photos and videos of the office, staff events, customer appreciation events and public service events are an excellent way to show your company’s personality and create an initial connection with a new consumer.

3.    Establish a Line of Communication

To a new customer, your blog is a great way to establish a sense of whether or not you will be able to communicate with each other.

Your brand’s blog will show consumers that you are open and willing to communicate by the topics you cover (i.e., you are responding to what your customers are asking about) and by the frequency of your posts (i.e., you post regularly, not just when you need customers or something bad has happened).

4.    Establish Your History and Experience

Regardless of how long you’ve been in business, if your blog looks “new,” then consumers will question how long you’ve been doing what you’re doing. An empty blog can create a sense of discomfort.

A great way to build up your blog quickly and to help create the sense of history for your brand is to include blogs on success stories from your brand’s history.  Also, as you build up your blog, include links to previous or archived blog posts.  This is a twofold win for you: 1) it shows you have previously presented content and aren’t new to the game and 2) it creates internal linking which helps to improve your website’s search engine optimization performance and rankings.

5.    Establish Your Longevity

Believe it or not, this is one of the key elements for winning a new client. When a customer feels that you are a company that has a history and will be here for the long haul, then they are more apt to do business with you.

Blogging consistently will create a sense of trust that your customers will be able to count on you to follow through and stick with them. Another great tool to incorporate into your blogs to achieve this task is to incorporate “how to” posts, as these tend to help paint a picture of understanding of your potential customer’s life and will establish a sense of “we’ll be here to help you” with them.

Truth be told, the key benefit for blogging for your business is to build trust with your current and future consumers.

When you’re ready to gain new customers through a successful blog, contact the team at Haley Aerospace Marketing and let us create a strategy for success for your future.

Four Must-Have Elements of a Comprehensive Brand Strategy

aviation consultant brand strategyBrand strategy is essentially the who, what, when and how you are focusing on in your product and service communications and marketing pitch. The goal of any brand strategy is to create a connection with your target audience and develop a long-term relationship with them.

Having a clear, comprehensive brand strategy will lead to your overall brand equity, as it will define how consumers feel about your products and services and establish just how much they are willing to pay for them. When your brand strategy is on target, you will naturally develop a relationship with your consumers, establish your brand’s persona and create the preserved value, or equity, associated with your brand by consumers.

So what does it take to create a strong, comprehensive brand strategy?  As a longtime aviation consultant, I’ve learned what works, what doesn’t work and what is constantly in flux. Here’s what I’ve discovered are must-have elements of any aviation strategy:

Tie Your Brand to Your Image

Your brand isn’t actually your product or service but rather the perception of how your customers see you. What you stand for and what your company does beyond what can be seen is what truly defines your brand. It’s this definition that you want to tie into your strategy.

For example, take a look at Nike®. There are tons of sports apparel and shoe companies out there; however, Nike has associated its brand with being the brand of choice for the most elite athletes. Through its slogans, spokespersons and campaigns, consumers receive the message that Nike stands above the rest and if you want to be the best, you should outfit yourself with the best in athletic clothing.

Be Consistent in Your Brand Message

Once you settle on your brand image, develop a brand message that supports your vision.  Whenever you put out content, whether online, in the media or in print, make sure that your message is consistent. A strong, consistent message instills a sense of dependability with consumers and lays the foundation for a relationship.

Create an Emotional Connection

One way to connect with your consumers is rationally – they need a computer and you sell computers. But what if you could connect with your consumers on a more emotional level? This is where companies like Apple® leap ahead of the rest of the brands in their industry. What Apple has created is an emotional connection with their consumers and not simply a need/fulfillment transaction with them.

Apple has created a true community with its consumer base and has made it “cool” to be a brand user and brand advocate. As advocates, the Apple faithful consumer base spreads the message of Apple and convinces other consumers that Apple is the best and worth the price. They are such die-hard fanatics that they put emblems on their cars to promote their devotion to the brand and wait in line for days just to be the first to purchase new Apple products.

Creating a strong line of brand advocates – consumers who will sing your praises and share the story of your product with others without the financial compensation required for standard advertising – is an absolute must in today’s world of aviation marketing and the only way to do it is through the creation of an emotional connection.

Measure Your Content Performance

Just because you came up with the most amazing campaign doesn’t mean your consumers will see it that way. As soon as you begin promoting your brand through your various marketing strategies, you need to measure its performance.

Take a performance baseline of what your marketing stats are before any new online campaign, then monitor it weekly and track how it is performing on all social platforms and your website. If it’s not bringing in the leads or sales you had hoped for, then make adjustments and relaunch. Being flexible in your approach will allow you to try a few options and hone in on the exact message that clicks with consumers.

Doing the research, planning and outlining a comprehensive brand strategy is a huge task and one many companies don’t have the resources or background to achieve. That’s where Haley Aerospace comes in. Our team of aviation consultants and industry experts can create a comprehensive strategy that will get your company noticed and bring leads to your doorstep.

When you’re ready to engage prospective consumers online, contact an aviation consultant at Haley Aerospace and let our team create a brand strategy that will deliver for you.

10 Reasons Your Brand Must Embrace Social Media

Once thought to be a superficial, ego-boosting format for would-be writers and maudlin teens who felt they had something to say, social media has connected with something within human consciousness that goes well beyond a simple online conversation. Through social media we have created a global connectedness and given voice to masses.

This powerful format has not gone unnoted by marketers (including those in aerospace marketing!). Knowing that the average U.S. consumer spends more than 32 hours per month surfing the net and participating on a variety of social platforms (that’s twice as much as almost any other country), social media has taken center stage as a required piece of any successful content marketing strategy.

aerospace marketing social media stats

So just what are all these consumers doing with all this time they spend online? Surprisingly, they are engaging in activities that make creating a social media presence and online marketing campaign advantageous, as they are receptive to receive your brand’s message during these activities:

aerospace marketing social media stats

Knowing there is this large captivated audience in the online marketplace should be enough to convince anyone of the importance of creating and maintaining an active online presence through social media. However, if you need a few more reasons, here are 10 more that should help convince you:

  1. Social media marketing allows you to be seen as a thought leader
  2. Online content builds trust with potential consumers
  3. Online content and social postings show up in search results
  4. Social media engagement grows your network of influence exponentially
  5. Social engagement helps to create an organic following and demand
  6. Online content appears as a value add to potential consumers
  7. Online social engagement creates a personality for your brand – which is more relatable to the average consumer than just a brand name
  8. Participating in social media expands your reach, making you more known and available to the global marketplace
  9. Social media participation and online content creation is far less expensive than online or print advertising
  10. Online content lives in perpetuity – meaning it will be available for consumers to find for years to come without your having to resubmit it or pay for an additional placement

Clearly, creating an online social presence has many advantages, leaving the only question remaining to be “where do I start the process?” That’s where the Haley Aerospace team comes into play.

Our team of experienced social strategists, content creators and Aerospace marketing pros can work with your brand to create an online strategy that garners leads, increases sales and establishes you as the thought leader within the aviation, aerospace or defense industry. When you’re ready to take the first step, contact Haley Aerospace and let us help you create an online social market strategy designed for success.

The Value of Brand Development for B2B Businesses

b2b-brandingBranding is important for any type of business. It allows you to develop a personality – a “feel,” if you will – that customers can get behind and become a part of. It can also foster long-term customer loyalty, and it can open doors to new and viable leads at every turn.

But while proper branding can be a huge boon to success in the B2C industry, it’s even more vital for B2B brands – especially those in the aerospace and aviation industries.

Why? Well, for one, B2B aerospace business relies heavily on personalized, face-to-face selling. These customers are looking to trust a company – to have a rapport with it – long before they’ll sign that contract.

In our time as an aviation consultancy, we’ve found that branding helps with this immensely. It’s all about building trust with your brand and establishing a reliable, credible and unique position in the marketplace. Branding can also help your aviation business:

  • Stand out from the pack – The B2B, aviation world is a competitive one. The average client sees between three and five different vendors before ever signing a contract. Fortunately, branding can help make this vetting process a little bit easier – and more successful. You see, the main goal of branding is to determine your unique niche – the thing that makes your brand special and different in the marketplace. Once you determine this (and develop it as part of your brand), it can have immense impact on these vendor meetings. No longer are you the faceless company simply offering a product or service. You’re a company with a personality – an operation they want to be a part of.
  • Better hone in on their audience – Sometimes, finding profitable aviation clients is extremely difficult. With proper branding, however, finding new leads and customers gets infinitely easier. Once you know your unique place in the market, you can more easily determine what type of customer to target – what demos are buying your products, which ones need your products and which ones are just a waste of time. Then, you can alter your sales and marketing process to target this audience.
  • Deliver a great first impression – We all know first impressions are everything – especially when money is on the line. Unfortunately, your first impression isn’t just the first time you sit down in that conference room. It has actually happened long before – when the potential client got your email, called your office or visited your website. Great branding can ensure your first impression is always a good one – no matter where it stems from. Just remember, your branding should tout your uniqueness and do so succinctly. Tell them what you do, how you do it and the value you bring in one fell swoop.

The truth of the matter is, branding is one of the most crucial aspects of a successful B2B aviation or aerospace business. If your brand isn’t where it needs to be, it’s likely your sales and profits aren’t at their best either. Our aviation consultancy can change that. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

The 4 Keys to a Successful B2B Aerospace Brand

b2b aerospace brandWe recently delved into the value of brand development for B2B companies – how a strong brand can help an aerospace business stand out, better target its efforts and deliver a great first impression from the get-go.

This week, I want to discuss the keys to actually creating that strong aerospace brand. It’s not an easy process by any means, but it’s one that can add real value to your business and your customers.

Does your B2B have a strong aerospace brand – one that stands out in your industry? If you’re not sure, see the checklist below. A successful B2B brand is:

  • In touch with its customers’ needs and wants – At its very core, a B2B needs to be intimately familiar with what its customers need, want and desire. It needs to focus on helping those customers meet their goals, make sales and improve their businesses. Because really, if it doesn’t do that, what’s the point? Wouldn’t the customers just be better off on their own? B2Bs shouldn’t waste marketing dollars on promoting the latest product or service en masse, but instead on learning what potential customers want, then delivering customized, personalized solutions to each of them.
  • Focused on building long-term relationships, not just short-term wins – One-time sales will only get you so far. If an aerosprace brand wants to see massive success, it needs long-term relationships, not short-term wins. It needs to turn customers into brand ambassadors – people who recommend their brand to colleagues, friends, family and more. People who keep coming back year after year for more business. Social media is a big help in this arena, as it allows brands to break down barriers and stay in touch with customers long after a sale is made. Email campaigns, enewsletters and blogging are also great options too.
  • Constantly monitoring, measuring and analyzing – For true success, a B2B brand should never be shooting in the dark. Every action taken should be based on data, metrics and measurable analytics pulled from past efforts. Sure, experience and intuition can tell you some things, but using data and metrics can help guide your decisions. That’s a sure-fire route to success. It can tell you what works, what doesn’t work and what just needs a little fine-tuning.
  • Easily understood – Many B2B brands make the mistake of thinking that because their clients are “in the business,” all of them automatically understand their value proposition. Unfortunately, that’s just not the case. B2B brands need to make their unique selling point obvious. It should be in their motto and logo, and it should be easily construed from their website and other marketing collateral. Industry jargon and lingo might work in the office, but if you want a customer to latch on and realize how much they need you, you need to make sure they know exactly what you’re offering.

Does your B2B aerospace brand follow these mantras? If not, it may be time to rethink your strategies. Contact the Haley Aerospace team today to discuss how we can revamp your brand and boost your company’s success.