Aeria Luxury Interiors


  • Brand strategy & positioning
  • Naming & verbal branding
  • Identity & design
  • Digital & social media

A World of Opportunity

It’s not often a branding agency gets to start with a blank slate and build a business from the ground up, but that’s exactly what happened when ST Aerospace hired the Haley Aerospace marketing agency to help create and support its newest business venture.

Headquartered in Singapore, ST Aerospace is a global company with more than 7,000 employees and a customer base that includes the world’s most advanced military forces, major airlines and leading freight carriers. Envisioning a new company that specialized in luxury airplane interiors for VIP completions and refurbishment—in particular, Boeing and Airbus airframes—ST aerospace invested in property and hangar space in San Antonio, Texas.


The Finish Line in Sight

With a major industry tradeshow just three months away, ST Aerospace needed to develop its newest brand extremely fast. Unfortunately, ST executives knew they just didn’t have the bandwidth or staff to do it alone.

They needed help, so they tapped the aviation experts at Haley Aerospace to take charge and get the job done.


Nice to Meet You

Creating a compelling brand story starts with a thorough understanding of the business and its niche, so Haley Brand’s experts dove deep into the industry, learning everything about the ultra-competitive market of plane-flipping—taking takes “green” planes and transitioning them into lux, in-demand aircraft for the world’s elite.


Hi, My Name is…

Haley Brand named and branded the new company AERIA Luxury Interiors within one month, giving it the tagline “The Luxury of Experience.” Though AERIA was technically a new company, this tagline communicated well the years of experience and strong reputations its creators boasted, as well as the organization’s goal of offering luxury and elegance to its clients.


A One-stop Shop

With tight deadlines, Haley Brand delivered a wide array of services for the newly minted AERIA Luxury Interiors, including: brand strategy, positioning and voice; naming and verbal branding; identity and design; digital strategy; media buying strategy and global negotiations for placement; and trade show graphic design.


A First-class Experience

Haley Brand’s successful media buying strategy brought international attention to AERIA, and the high-end look of all deliverables impressed the entire ST Aerospace team from the start. As an organization that would deliver only the best in VIP completions, the AERIA team wanted a first-class experience in every aspect of its branding and marketing strategies … and that’s just what Haley Aerospace delivered.



In Record Time

After just three short months, AERIA went from empty hangars and a bright idea to a fully branded, tradeshow-ready organization poised for success—and Haley Aerospace made it happen. To this day, Haley continues to support AERIA and all its ambitions in this specialized aviation market.



“We chose Haley Brand because we were comfortable and confident in their abilities. Their immediate impact has been to help us establish the brand and very quickly get it out into the market.” Director of Sales and Marketing for Completions, AERIA