Starting from Scratch

Though AeroTurbine had been an established aerospace brand for many years already, when its executives brought Haley Aerospace on board for a full rebranding, the sky was truly the limit. Aside from the brand’s set-in-stone logo, Haley Aerospace had a blank slate with which to work with, giving Haley’s experts the leverage they needed to help AeroTurbine reach new heights as a company.


Building the Foundation

After years in the business, AeroTurbine’s branding had become static, outdated and behind the times. Its strategic position USP had become muddled in the changing marketplace, the organization struggled with its identity, and the overall look, feel and voice of the brand seemed out of touch.

Though the aerospace brand’s historic logo was off limits, Haley Aerospace’s experts were able to use it as a jumping off point for all other rebranding efforts. They did away with the brand’s overuse of stark, bland white, and started pulling in the rich, powerful blue tones from the logo, incorporating these into all new marketing material, online collateral and digital assets.


Powering Up

To establish AeroTurbine as a stronger player in the industry, Haley Aerospace devised the “Power” campaign, which declared “The Power to Perform, The Power to Deliver, The Power to Make a Difference, and The Power to Change How You Do Business.” Descriptive yet succinct, the “Power” campaign helped AeroTurbine better articulate its strategic position, its long history in the business and the unique value it could offer customers. The “Power” campaign was so successful, it is still in use today and can be seen throughout AeroTurbine’s website and marketing collateral.


Vocalizing the Brand

AeroTurbine had been creating its copy in house for some time, resulting in dry, over-wrought and jargon-filled content that just wasn’t relatable to the end-client. To give the brand a more relevant and approachable voice, Haley Aerospace performed a full content makeover, ensuring all copy seen by potential customers adequately conveyed the brand’s power, expertise and knowledge at every turn.


Putting a Bow on It

It wasn’t just the individual elements of AeroTurbine’s rebranding campaign that Haley Aerospace spearheaded. Once these portions were completed, Haley Brand also assisted in packaging and guiding the entire rollout of all new assets. This helped ensure consistency in look, voice and feel across all channels and touchpoints and gave AeroTurbine one single, consistent identity that customers could count on.


The Proof’s in the Pudding

The “Power” campaign and all rebranding efforts were received with great praise—both internally and with clients and customers. AeroTurbine has truly become a “Power” player in the aircraft engine and airframe industry and remains one to this day.




  • Brand strategy & positioning
  • Naming & verbal branding
  • Identity & design
“Haley Brand gets it. Their ideas and designs were above and beyond my expectations.” Customer Service and Marketing Manager at AeroTurbine, Inc.