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Interface. Innovate. Perform.

Set on Selling

When executives at AbelConn, a decades-old avionics and electronic components company, first approached Haley Aerospace, they had one long-term goal in mind: to sell the organization for serious returns. As this effort would require meticulous rebranding and repackaging, not to mention thorough, in-depth research, AbelConn sought the expert guidance of the Haley Aerospace marketing team.


Muddling the Brand

Though AbelConn had been around for quite a while, its brand was muddled and confusing. It didn’t properly convey all the products, services and solutions the company could provide, and customers were walking away confused and, more importantly, without making a purchase. AbelConn also had problems articulating the use and purpose of its products in consumer-facing copy and collateral; in-house copywriters were often using confusing or dated jargon that simply didn’t resonate with the target audience.

In order to sell, AbleConn needed to better package its brand to articulate its full scope of offerings, as well as develop a single voice and look that could connect all its different product lines.


Learning the Ropes

Before embarking on any branding or positioning work, the experts at Haley Aerospace conducted extensive market research and competitive analyses. Since the company has its hand in many markets—air, space, land and sea defense, commercial aviation, military aviation and space—this step was crucial in determining the unique value AbleConn’s new brand could offer its different consumer segments as well as how the brand could thrive and prosper in the ever-evolving marketplace..


Atrenne is Born

After thorough research and many sessions with company stakeholders and executives, Artrenne Integrated Solutions was born. The Haley Aerospace marketing team worked around the clock to flesh out all branding, marketing collateral and booth materials before the upcoming ITSEC tradeshow. Haley’s efforts also included advertising, web development and more.


Pushing the Envelope

Because much of AbleConn’s current branding was old and out-of-touch, Haley Aerospace really pushed the envelope with all new collateral. This included revamping the website, the company’s trade show booth and collateral, all marketing materials, print and online advertisements and virtually every touchpoint the company had with its customers.

Haley Aerospace also devised Atrenne’s “Interface. Innovate. Perform.” Campaign, which helped to quickly convey what the brand could offer—both product-wise and in value—to potential customers.


The Big Launch

Atrenne Integrated Solutions and its entire branding suite was officially launched at the ITSEC tradeshow just months later and, unlike in past years, customers were no longer walking away confused. Instead, they were able to learn quickly and easily just how Atrenne could help solve their problems and meet their goals.

Haley Aerospace’s integrated marketing program and brand awareness efforts also helped AbelConn increase equity and achieve its end-game; Atrenne was sold to the highest bidder not long after the engagement.