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Say Hi to Aviation Communications Guru Leah Shafer

Say Hi to Aviation Communications Guru Leah Shafer | Haley Aerospace Marketing

We’ve been slowly pulling back the curtain here at Haley Aerospace, introducing you to the stellar strategists and experts who make up our winning team.

Today, we’re sitting down with Leah Shafer, Haley’s Senior Communication Specialist. She’s in charge of the social media efforts, writing, editing and various other PR-related tasks that help our clients increase visibility and draw in more customers.

Let’s dive right in.

Leah, you work for an aerospace marketing firm, so one can only assume you’re a traveler yourself. What are your favorite places you’ve visited in the U.S.? In the world?

I’ve been fortunate to travel quite a lot; I even worked as a travel writer at one point. My favorite in the US was a trip I took to Napa Valley—a food and wine tour. In the larger world, I’d have to say Denmark. I lived there for about nine months and have been back many times. I even speak a little Danish—quite poorly, I should point out.

If you could pick up and fly anywhere right now (after work hours, of course!), where would it be?

San Francisco. LOVE IT THERE.

What would you listen to or read along the way?

I read a lot of spiritual books, so something like that. For music, it would be Chopin or the Beatles, for sure.

You run Haley Aerospace’s social accounts—as well as many of its clients’. What’s your favorite social media tool to use personally? Why?

My personal favorite is Facebook. My list of friends is carefully curated and full of fascinating personalities. I can find such a range of information on there, from photos of cats to important political news. That’s perfect for me.

When you’re not hard at work on Haley’s client campaigns, how do you like to spend your time? What are your top hobbies?

I am an artist and have sold quite a few of my paintings online and auctioned them for charities. In my free time, I love to paint, sew, craft, and other creative endeavors.

What makes Haley Aerospace different, in your opinion? What do clients get that they can’t get with other agencies?

Because Haley is a smaller agency, it offers a higher level personal attention. It is nimble, able to easily adjust course when circumstances change. I’ve worked at several agencies, and it’s easy for clients to get passed around from one person to another, with the work treated like a generic task to complete. At Haley, every client gets the eyes of the owner and senior-level talent; we all know what’s happening at any given time and can offer ideas and feedback to help further projects. It’s a strong team, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Reach Leah Shafer, our resident aviation communications guru, at!


Killer Copy: The Key to Winning the Aerospace Marketing Game

Killer Copy: The Key to Winning the Aerospace Marketing Game | Haley Aerospace Marketing

In today’s digitally driven world of aerospace marketing, the options for reaching potential customers and generating leads are virtually endless.

There’s advertising—search ads, Facebook ads, standard print ads and more.

There’s marketing via trade shows and expos.

There’s SEO and web marketing.

There’s social media.

The list goes on and on.

But while these may seem like very disparate and separate strategies on their face, when boiled down, their success relies on the same, singular factor: The effectiveness of your copy.

The right copy is what will make people click those ads and then convert to customers. It’s what will make people stop at your trade show booths, pick up your card and give you a call. It what will get visitors to your website and what will inspire them to learn more.

So what is the “right” copy? How do you craft it and how do you ensure you’re reaching people in the right way, at the right time in the sales funnel? Our resident content strategist has some tips.

The Dos

Have a voice.

You might be talking on different platforms and mediums, but your brand’s overall voice should be consistent and reliable at all times—no matter where your copy’s going. Today’s customers want to feel connected to the companies they do business with, and your voice helps you establish those connections (as well as set you apart from your competitors!)

Inspire action.

The point of marketing is to gain more leads, more customers and more sales—so don’t be wishy washy with your language. Tell your reader exactly what you want them to do with the information you’re providing. Should they contact you to learn more about it? Should they buy your product to help with their current need/challenge? Should they follow you on Twitter for key industry news? Let them know what action you want them to take and what they’ll get in return for doing it.

Have a goal in mind.

Always keep your goal top of mind when creating content. Are you trying to sell a product? Increase knowledge of your brand? Prove your experience and clout? Think of this goal as you’re writing, and then again when you proof your final copy. Does it get your point across? Does it drive toward your ultimate goal? If not, it’s back to the drawing board you go.

Know your reader.

Knowing your goal is important, but so is knowing your reader. What are their unique struggles and challenges? Where are they located? What point of life are they at? These details should drive your copy and help you create content that really resonates with the reader and makes them connect.

Customize and target.

You may very well have two, three or even 10 different types of target customers—each with different wants, needs and challenges. There’s no reason your copy has to speak to all of them at once; in fact, it shouldn’t. Use what you know about your target audiences to segment your marketing strategies and really reach each one in a direct and meaningful way.

The Don’ts

Use and reuse.

Don’t copy and paste copy across every strategy and campaign you launch. Copy needs to be customized at every level—customized for the target audience, for the specific platform you’re using, for the time of year, etc. The more customized your content is, the higher your ROI will likely be.

Go too broad.

By the same token, you don’t want to be too broad with your copy. Sure, general copy may appeal to more people, but it won’t do so in a meaningful way that converts them from passive onlooker to paying customer. Your copy may resonate with a smaller group by drilling down deep, but the impact will ultimately be much larger if the content is targeted to their specific mindset.

Leave off the CTAs.

Calls to action are non-negotiable. You never want someone to finish reading your copy and think “so what?” Then you just wasted their time and yours. Always include a CTA that tells the reader exactly what they should do with your information and how to interact with your brand further once they’re done. Make sure to measure the conversions on that CTA too, so you can tweak your efforts as necessary.

Forget to proof.

Nothing makes your brand look shoddier than bad, typo-ridden content. It’s unprofessional and it looks rushed—neither of which deem you worthy of someone’s hard-earned time and money. Always run your final copy through spell check and a tool like Grammarly, and if you can, put it in front of another pro’s set of eyes, too. You never know what someone new might catch.

DIY it.

Let’s face it: Most of us can write at least fairly well. But do you want potential customers thinking your company’s just “fair?” No. You’d likely rather they think you’re “great,” “impressive” or, better yet, “expensive.” Like anything, you get what you pay for. If you DIY it and do it cheaply in-house, you’ll likely get subpar content. If you invest resources in a professional content writer, you’ll get professional, top-quality content instead.

Content is King

The importance of copy in aerospace marketing can’t be understated. It’s what drives every strategy, every effort and every campaign we launch, and at the end of the day, it’s vital to our clients’ successes. Want to make sure your content is where it should be? Reach out to Haley Aerospace today.


Case Study: Making AeroTurbine One of the Nation’s Most Recognizable Aerospace Brands

Making AeroTurbine One of the Nation’s Most Recognizable Aerospace Brands | Haley Aerospace Marketing

After years in the business, AeroTurbine’s branding had become static, outdated and behind the times.

Its strategic position and unique selling proposition had become muddled in the ever-changing marketplace, the organization struggled with its identity, and the brand’s overall look, feel and voice seemed out of touch.

They called Haley Aerospace for help.

The Re-branding

Our branding experts were able to give AeroTurbine a full refresh, bringing the brand into the 21st century in a serious way. Though the historic aerospace brand’s logo was off limits, our team was able to use it as a jumping off point for all other rebranding efforts.

We did away with the brand’s overuse of stark, bland white, and started pulling in the rich, powerful blue tones from the logo, incorporating these into all new marketing materials, online collateral and digital assets.

We also took over AeroTurbine’s copy which, to many consumers, felt dry, over-wrought and unrelatable. To give the brand a more relevant and approachable voice, our copywriting team crafted eloquent, concise copy that better conveyed the brand’s expertise and experience. We implemented it across all assets to much customer acclaim.

The Strategic Makeover

To establish AeroTurbine as a stronger player in the industry, we devised the “Power” campaign, which declared “The Power to Perform, The Power to Deliver, The Power to Make a Difference, and The Power to Change How You Do Business.” Descriptive yet succinct, the “Power” campaign helped AeroTurbine better articulate its strategic position, its long history in the business and the unique value it offers its customers.

The “Power” campaign was so successful that it’s still in use today.

We’re proud of the work we did with the AeroTurbine team. The company truly is a “Power” player in its space—and will likely remain the way for some time!

If you are looking for rebranding help that truly hits the spot, contact our experts today. We’ve got powerful branding know-how and experience.


Meet Aly J. Yale: Digital & Aviation Marketing Expert

Meet Aly J. Yale: Digital & Aviation Marketing Expert | Haley Aerospace

Last month, we introduced you to our fearless leader and resident pilot, Gayle Haley. Now, it’s time to take another peek behind the curtain and meet the face beyond most of Haley Aerospace’s content and digital strategy: Aly J. Yale.

Content, Marketing & SEO, Oh My!

When it comes to the online world, Aly is a veritable jack of all trades (or maybe Jill?). Over the years, she’s worked with marketing agencies, universities, law firms, doctors and, most importantly, aviation and aerospace brands to create custom-fit, powerful strategies that bring in leads—qualified, ready-to-buy ones that bring clients money.

With experience in SEO, content marketing, social media and web design/usability, she’s able to dig in and get her hands dirty on whatever clients might need. But her real strength? That lies in writing.

A longtime veteran of the publishing world, Aly’s work can be seen in The Dallas Morning News, Dave Campbell’s Texas Football Magazine, MReport, DS News, Addison Magazine, Mansfield Magazine and more. She’s also an experienced blogger and editor, and you’ll see her work often on our website and the sites of our clients and customers.

Aviation Marketing Extraordinaire

Since joining the Haley Aerospace team in early 2015, Aly’s been an integral part of our aviation marketing campaigns. She helped take Atlantic Aviation to new heights through social media and press content, and she spearheaded SEO efforts that took Genesys Aerosystems to the top of Google search results in just a matter of months.

Chances are if you’ve ever worked with Haley Aerospace, you’ve worked with Aly—whether you’ve known it or not. An integral part of the team, she plays a key role in our aviation marketing efforts from start to finish.

Stay tuned in the coming months to meet more of the Haley Aerospace team!


Aerospace Marketing 101: Flexibility in an Unpredictable Market

Aerospace Marketing 101: Flexibility in an Unpredictable Market | Haley Brand Aerospace

If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s customers don’t interact with businesses like they used to.

Just a decade or two ago, the only way you’d come in contact with a brand was if you walked into their store, called up a customer service line or scheduled an appointment with a representative. Today, customers interact with brands daily and on-demand.

With just a few clicks, they can submit complaints, ask questions, find out the latest company news, or even interact with other customers all from the comfort of their own home.

And with this instant access comes unpredictability—and as brands, that means not everything is in our control anymore. We can’t always see what’s coming down the pipeline, nor can we prepare for it.

In aerospace marketing, it’s crucial we take this to heart—particularly in how we project our brands to the world.

Less Control, More Power

Brands used to be very strictly managed. You could only interact with customers one way, you had to work off prompts and carefully tailored PR messages, and you didn’t have much leeway to customize each audience’s experiences.

Those days of a rigidly governed brand are gone, my friends.

Customers wouldn’t even respond to that type of approach nowadays. In fact, it may even anger them, tarnish your reputation in their eyes or turn them off to your brand forever.

Customers are looking for less primped-and-polished and more honest-and-accessible. They want brands to feel authentic, off-the-cuff and living in real-time just like they are.

For longtime veterans of marketing, it can be a difficult concept to grasp. Letting go of rigid brand constructs? Giving your teams the freedom to tailor their messaging, strategies and campaigns as they see fit? It’s a scary thought.

But loosening the reins isn’t just important; it’s downright necessary if you want to survive. A few tips:

Guide, don’t control
It’s OK to set loose standards for how your brand is used, but give your teams the freedom they need to get creative on the fly. In today’s disruptive world, you never can see what’s coming at you, and employees need leeway to custom-fit solutions to each new problem that’s thrown their way.

Let your audiences shape your strategies
Don’t create your brand and then force it on your target audience. Let your target audience shape your brand. What do they want and need in a provider of your services/products? What challenges can you help them through? How can you make their work or lives easier? Take those to heart, and let them influence your brand organically.

Not all audiences should be treated the same way, and they certainly don’t want to be. Get to know your audiences and interact with them how—and where—they prefer it. Hire people who can support those unique preferences, too. Your employees should shape your brand just as much as your audiences should.

Don’t treat all interactions as equal
Not every customer touchpoint is as important as the next. Find out which touchpoints are most vital to your customers, your goals and your bottom line, and pour more resources into those. You can’t be everything to everyone, so focus on what holds the most potential for your organization and the people you’re trying to reach.

Take more risks
It’s a disruptive world we live in—particularly in high-tech sectors like aerospace and aviation. Don’t be afraid to dive in head first when new tech, social media platforms or other strategies become available. Your audiences won’t just accept it; they’ll probably expect it.

Flex Your Muscles

The time is long gone for lengthy branding documents that dictate every word you write or say with a customer. In today’s marketplace, your audiences expect a more agile, reactive approach, and they value honesty and transparency over pomp and circumstance. Need help staying flexible in today’s unpredictable market? Haley Aerospace Marketing is here to help.


Hey, Aerospace Brands: You’re Not for Everyone

Hey, Aerospace Brands: You’re Not for Everyone | Haley Aerospace Marketing

Bet I got your attention with that headline.

It sounds harsh, but it’s something most aviation and aerospace brands I’ve worked with need to hear.

Your brand is not for everyone.

But you know what? It shouldn’t be.

Don’t Be a People Pleaser

When brands try to appeal to the masses, big problems follow.

They water down their content, so it applies to any and every situation. They create broad-stroke emails, marketing materials and trade show booths to catch as many eyes as possible. They try to be everything to everyone.

And while you’d think in appealing to more people, that’d mean more customers, in the end, the opposite is true.

Because of their generality—their failure to pack a punch—these people-pleasing strategies simply don’t land.

Customers, unimpressed, head to competitors instead—ones who can better meet their needs and understand their struggles.

Drill Down

We all have a universal need to be liked—and the more people who like us, the better. But it’s important to fight these instincts in business.

The truth is, you want your brand to be liked—but only by a select few people.

Drill down deep, and define your target audience to the tiniest detail. Carve out the absolute smallest market you can for your brand … and then dominate it.

Craft strategies that speak uniquely to that niche. Address their needs, wants and challenges head-on, and give them your 100-percent attention every step of the way.

Ultimately, a brand that delights a few customers is much more effective—and profitable—in the long run than one that halfway satisfies thousands.

Those customers return time and time again, they refer new business, and they become veritable brand ambassadors in their own right. They’re the gift that keeps on giving.

Fight the Urge

Don’t succumb to the people-pleasing trap. Go after a small, tightly-defined market, and your strategies will make a stronger—and longer term—impact on your bottom line.

Want help honing in on your target audience? Shoot me an email. I’m here to help.


Aviation, Defense & Aerospace Media Opportunities: A 2017 Calendar

Aviation, Defense & Aerospace Media Opportunities: A 2017 Calendar | Haley Aerospace Marketing

With year-round events, conferences and expos, the aerospace industry certainly isn’t short on places to promote your brand.

Not sure where to spend your time and money? Here are a few of 2017’s best remaining aviation, defense and aerospace media opportunities and events:


NBAA – Oct. 10-12, Las Vegas, Nevada

The NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition is the single best event if your company’s involved in the bizav sector at all. With attendance close to 30K and more than 1,000 exhibitors, it’s a massive conference that brings together the best in the industry. (Plus, who doesn’t like a little Vegas getaway?)

Dubai Airshow – Nov. 12-16, Dubai, UAE

One of the largest conventions of its kind, the Dubai Airshow brings in more than 60,000 visitors from across the world. With exhibitors from the military, general, business and commercial aviation sectors, it’s a great event for any organization, regardless of what services or products it offers.

AEA Connect – Sept. 6-8, Reno, Nevada

Presented by the Aircraft Electronics Association, AEA Connect is a two-day conference that connects industry pros throughout the avionics industry. There are interactive discussions, regulatory updates, technical training sessions and, of course, exhibits showing off the latest and greatest technological developments.

MRO Europe, Oct. 3-5 in London, UK

Bringing together MROs, OEMs, regulators, suppliers and major airlines, MRO Europe covers all bases of the aviation maintenance sector. Spanning more than 17,000 square feet of space, the event draws in more than 7,000 attendees and 400-plus exhibitors every year.

Digital Avionics Systems Conference, Sept. 19-21 in St. Petersburg, Florida

Involved in the avionics or air traffic management sector? Then DASC is for you. In its 36th year, the conference will include panel discussions, educational workshops and hundreds of exhibits and product demonstrations from organizations across the world.

Business & General Aviation Industry Suppliers Conference, Oct. 4-5, Los Angeles, California

Presented by well-known publication SpeedNews, the 22nd annual suppliers conference is ideal for any manufacturer or supplier of products, services or technology for the any segment of the aviation industry. Both big and small-name brands attend the event, which will include strategy sessions, expert presentations, panel discussions and more.


These are just a few of the events and aerospace media opportunities coming up for the remainder of 2017. Did we miss an important one you’ll be attending? Let us know in the comments, so we can update our list!


A Lesson in Aerospace Marketing: How We Helped Launch the AB139

A Lesson in Aerospace Marketing: How We Helped Launch the AB139 | Haley Aerospace Marketing

Surely you’ve heard of the AW139.

A twin-engine helicopter from AgustaWestland, this baby is a favorite amongst VIP fliers, firefighters, search and rescue teams, emergency services and even certain branches of the military.

It’s been around for almost two decades now and has since become one of the most popular helicopter models in the world, even inspiring two larger versions — the AW149 (for military use) and the AW189 (for civilian use).

But before the AW139 became a hot commodity, it was actually called the AB139 … and you know what? We were there to help launch it. 

A Paper Plane

One of our first forays into aerospace marketing was with Bell/Agusta—well before Westland had come into the picture.

The companies needed help launching their newest joint aircraft — a plane that, at the time, was merely a drawing on a piece of paper. Though a blueprint and design had been approved, no part of the craft had gone into production yet — that was still a long way down the road.

Regardless of its infancy though, Bell/Agusta wanted to ensure the AB139’s success from the beginning, so the firms called in Haley Aerospace to create a strategy that would do just that.

Once on board, we knew we had our work cut out for us. The craft needed everything — branding, marketing, advertising and everything in between. So we hit the ground running.

A Multi-pronged Approach

Ultimately, Bell/Agusta wanted clients all over the world to invest in the AB139 — including military branches, corporate buyers, governments, search and rescue organizations, emergency services and more — so we created targeted campaigns aimed at each of these sectors in markets across the globe. We even launched an ad effort to reach the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

We also secured global press and international ad placements, created all branding assets, designed an entire website and created a comprehensive strategy for the aircraft, all before a single piece of it was built.

Giving it the slogan “New Missions, New Helicopter,” our holistic campaign positioned the AB139 for long-term success well before the assembly line started.

The AB139 Today

Once the AB139 launched, success was instant — and Agusta bought Bell’s share of the aircraft. When Westland partnered up with Agusta, the helicopter was designated the AW139 to reflect the new company name.

Later on, renowned Italian aircraft manufacturer Leonardo bought Agusta for a hefty sum, and the company still produces the widely used helicopter to this very day. In its time, the AB139 has been used by the Irish Air Corps, the Japan Coast Guard, the Egyptian Air Force, the Italian Air Force, CareFlight, the Los Angeles City Fire Department, the Maryland and New Jersey State Police departments, and the U.S. Border Patrol. The crafts have logged more than a million flight hours since their launch in 2003.

We’re proud of the role our little aerospace marketing firm played in the creation of such a historic and renowned aircraft. It’s why we do what we do—and we can’t wait to help more aviation brands see similar widespread success in the years to come.


Meet Gayle Haley: Pilot & Aerospace Marketing Pro

Meet Gayle Haley: Pilot & Aerospace Marketing Pro | Haley Aerospace Marketing

There are a lot of things that make Haley Aerospace stand out from the pack when it comes to aerospace marketing firms. But the biggest?

That’d be our fearless leader, the one and only Gayle Haley.

A smart and savvy CEO? Check.

A marketing pro? Absolutely.

A licensed pilot? For nearly 25 years!

Meet Gayle Haley: Pilot & Aerospace Marketing Pro | Haley Aerospace

Gayle Haley: Pilot First, CEO Second

Gayle became a pilot back in 1993 after flying in a family friend’s King Air to watch an OU game (Go Sooners!) Immediately drawn to the instruments, the sky and the scenic views, she got her private pilot’s license not long after – and she never looked back.

Since then, Gayle’s flown a Twin Cessna 310L, a Cessna 340, a King Air, a Piper Warrior, a Cessna 182, a Cessna 210, a Bonanza and a Baron, visiting everywhere from Oklahoma, New Orleans and Houston to Chicago and California. She even went so far as to get her instrument rating, multi-engine rating and a commercial pilot certificate.

Flying to a New a Career

Eventually, Gayle’s love of flying trickled over into her business life. Already a marketing and advertising pro, she decided to call up Cessna and offer her services. The call was a success, and she flew to the Cessna offices the next day.

Gayle ended up producing a film project for Cessna’s NBAA efforts on the spot, and her foray into aerospace marketing only grew from there. Since then, she’s spearheaded projects for big-name brands like DynAviation, The Triumph Group, Genesys AerosystemsAtlantic AviationCessna Aircraft Company, and more.

Her long history as a pilot enables Gayle to truly understand her clients’ needs and struggles – and unlike other aerospace marketing strategists out there, she doesn’t waste time (or money) trying to learn your business.

She already knows it.

Want to get talk to Gayle Haley about aerospace marketing, aviation marketing, aviation media, or something else? Contact Haley Aerospace today