The Best Social Platforms for an Aviation Brand (And When to Use Them)

The Best Social Platforms for an Aviation Brand (And When to Use Them) | Haley Aerospace Marketing

Social media is vital to any modern aviation marketing strategy. But just like other tools you might use in your efforts, each social site has its own unique quirks and nuances. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach that works across every channel — at least not if you want your bottom line to see positive impact.

Is your aviation brand on social media? Are you just getting started and not sure where to focus your efforts? Here are the top platforms for aviation and aerospace brands — as well as when (and how) to use them:


Twitter is all about speed, so it’s great for making news announcements, answering customer questions and concerns, or providing customer service of any kind. It’s also a great way to participate in industry conversations. Make an effort to follow movers and shakers in your space and retweet their news and updates. Comment, like and interact with their content, and they might even give your tweets extra exposure with a retweet of their own.


Facebook is great for consumer-facing content. Use it to promote deals and sales you’re running, to share your content offers and blog posts, and to launch targeted ad campaigns for your products and services. It’s also a great venue for promoting events — trade shows, conferences or other happenings you might be hosting or participating in.


Instagram is all about imagery, so this is where you’ll share all that FOMO-worthy travel footage, those jaw-dropping flight videos and anything else visually interesting. You can use hashtags to drum up extra exposure for your posts, as well as cross-promote your images on Twitter, Facebook and other channels to drive in new followers. Consider engaging an influencer to really gain some traction on the site.


LinkedIn is a great recruiting tool and the ideal venue for networking. If you’re a B2B aviation brand, you can use it to connect with potential vendors, buyers and other professionals who might be interested in your services. You can also use LinkedIn to share company news or to post thought leadership articles through the platform’s Pulse publishing feature.


For video content, you’ll use YouTube. Depending on your services, you might want to upload product commercials or demos, flight simulations or even live footage of presentations, trade shows or speeches by your CEO. If you want to inspire more brand loyalty and consumer interest, you might also try behind-the-scenes videos around the office or of your team. These can be great ways to show off your company culture and create long-term brand buy-in.

Which is Right for Your Aviation Brand?

Using the right social channels at the right time is the key to creating strong customer connections and a steady stream of online leads. Want help homing in on the best social platforms for your unique aviation brand? Haley Aerospace is here to help. Contact us today for a consultation.


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