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Recognizing that your branding needs work is only the first step toward success.

Once you do that, you still have to find a good branding agency, work with them on perfecting the best possible look and feel and, finally, launch that new branding to your customers and employees.

It’s a long road ahead. And unfortunately, if you fail to choose the right branding agency, it can be a doomed venture from the get-go.

Are you currently looking for a branding agency to help brand or rebrand your company? Have you already settled on one to guide you through? Here are a few signs they might not be the right fit:

  1. Their branding’s not up to snuff. To really evaluate an agency’s abilities, look at their own branding. Does it look modern and in line with today’s trends? Have they carried that branding across all platforms, like their website, blog, social accounts and more? Does their brand say something and speak to customers? Chances are, if they can’t create a brand that works for their own agency, they can’t do it for you either.
  2. They’re not doing any research. Did your branding agency start sending you mock-ups and design ideas right off the bat? Consider that a major red flag. No branding work should be done without some serious research first. That means talking to your customers, your employees and anyone else the new branding will target. If a research phase isn’t included in your agency’s plans, it might be time to look elsewhere.
  3. They don’t have a varied team. A branding agency of 2 people isn’t going to cut it, because branding is a multifaceted genre. It requires great marketing tactics, killer research skills, top-notch graphic design chops, and a stellar digital strategy to boot. Look for agencies that boast a varied team of professionals – people who are great at marketing, design, copywriting, digital and more. Together, they will make your branding better and stronger in the long run.
  4. They don’t know your marketplace. If you can find a branding agency that specializes in your marketplace, you’re already 5 steps ahead. Sure, you could go with someone who has their hands in many buckets, but if you really want someone who gets your space, your customers and how to reach those customers, then choosing someone with real industry experience is key. If your agency doesn’t have past clients in your sector or they simply don’t specialize in anything, you may want to head back to the drawing board. A specialty agency can take your new brand so much further.

Your branding plays a huge role in your company’s success. It’s what potential clients experience when they come to your website, connect with you on social media or even just call you up on the phone. If it’s not done perfectly, it could mean a lost sale, or worse, a dinged reputation.

Don’t let your branding be your downfall. Make sure you choose the right branding agency to help guide the way. Contact Haley Aerospace to learn more today.

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