We’ve been in the B2B branding biz for a while, so we’ve seen our fair share of brands that work and brands that, well, could use some work.

Most of the underperforming brands that come to us have fallen into one of 5 categories – branding “traps” as we like to call them.

These traps keep them from truly reaching their customers, building a following and seeing the success of their brand’s potential.

Want to make sure you don’t become a victim? Here are the 5 common traps you should avoid:

  1. Thinking B2B branding is starkly different than traditional branding. Sure, with B2B branding, you’re looking for other businesses to buy your products, but you know what? At the end of the day, the decision to do that is made by, you got it, Just like in traditional B2C branding, B2B branding needs to be aimed at people too – just a different sort. Don’t make the mistake of thinking your branding should be aimed at faceless entities. Instead, get to know what the people behind those entities are like. They’re who you should be targeting!
  2. Stopping a name, logo or slogan. These are all facets of branding, but are they the complete package? Definitely. Your branding is the experience you deliver to your customers – the service they receive, the website they visit, the marketing emails they receive. And all of it needs to be custom-fit to your audience’s unique needs.
  3. Branding is hands– You can’t just choose your colors and logo and call it a day. Branding is a companywide, ongoing effort. It should reach from the mailroom to the CEO’s office, and everyone should be working daily to further that brand in everything they do. Like anything that’s successful, it requires regular upkeep, pruning and work to really see results.
  4. Branding is only for products. Branding is certainly important for products – physical items you can buy and sell – but it’s also crucial for services, even ones that are completely intangible. The main goal of branding is to show customers what makes your company different – what makes you a valuable commodity in their lives. That should shine through every time, regardless of what you sell or how you deliver it.
  5. Branding is just external. Branding is vital to bringing in new customers and keeping your current ones loyal, but do you know how else it’s important? The internal success of your organization. A good internal brand can keep your employees happy and efficient, and it can help you draw in top talent from across the world. This all means a more successful business on the whole.

If you find yourself slipping into any of these branding traps, give the experts at Haley Aerospace a call ASAP. We can help get you on the path to branding success right away.

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