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Even for B2B brands, standing out from the competition is important. Sure, there may be fewer competitors than on the B2C market and your buyers are likely a bit more educated and business-minded, but differentiating your products and services from others in the industry is still a crucial and vital part of long-term success.

Unfortunately, making a brand stand out is easier said than done – especially in the B2B world. With B2C products, a simple TV commercial or ad can do the job, but with B2B products, those strategies typically don’t reach the right type of buyer. Instead, you have to get a little more creative with your efforts.

Do you want to make sure your B2B brand is standing out from the competition? Here are a few ways to do it:

  • Use current events. A great way to draw attention to your B2B brand is to tie in your marketing and promotional efforts to a current event. A good example? The upcoming Summer Olympics or the big Oshkosh AirVenture convention! Build off the buzz that already exists for these events, and draw in some new customers as a result.
  • Create a new pricing strategy. B2B buyers are very price-minded, as not only are they working within a corporate budget, but they’re also considering how the prices they pay will trickle on down to the final consumer. If you want to stand out from other competitors in your space, try a new pricing strategy on for size. Offer a limited discount or promotion or add in a few valuable extras with your normal sales price.
  • Offer a freebie. Everyone enjoys free stuff, so use that to your advantage and create promotional giveaways you can hand out at trade shows, conferences and even in sales meetings. Just make sure it’s something your customers will use, so that it serves as a reminder of your brand on a regular basis.
  • Use social media to its full potential. Too many B2B brands simply use social media in a static, hands-off way. They post to it with company blogs and news occasionally, but they fail to use it as a real tool to connect with their customers or provide customer service. Start using your social media in real time, and use it to create conversations with customers – answer their questions, address their concerns, and react to their news and photos as they post them. That’s a definitive way to differentiate yourself from other B2Bs on the market.
  • Target a new niche. B2B brands are already pretty niched, but if you can find a niche within that niche, your B2B brand can stand out even more. Instead of targeting just pilots in general, try targeting pilots who value sustainability and green efforts. Instead of aiming your efforts at aircraft manufacturers, aim them at ones trying to creating smaller, more lightweight planes. The more niched your audience is, the better you can tailor your branding and marketing efforts to their needs.
  • Combine your efforts. In the B2B world, it’s all about who you know. Use that to your benefit. Try teaming up with another B2B provider in your industry and build off each other’s customer bases. Here’s a good example: If you sell in-flight dining services, team up with a company that offers private flight attendant services. Chances are, customers buying one service will need the other, so why not join up and make buying more convenient and effective for customers? It’s a win-win for both parties.

Standing out in the B2B world is hard, but it’s not impossible! Want help making sure your organization is making a splash in the industry? Contact Haley Aerospace today. Our experts are here for you.

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