How to Turn a One-time Buyer Into a Long-Term Brand Advocate

brand advocate

A single purchase will put some money in your company’s coffers, but is it the secret to long-term success? Definitely not.

The true marker of a successful brand is in its repeat buyers – the people who come back for more time and time again. Whether they do it every month, every year or just every 10 years, these loyal, repeat customers are what keeps the company alive, both financially and competitively.

They also play a big role in promoting the brand. You see, repeat buyers tend to be brand advocates – people so excited and passionate about a brand that they tell their friends, colleagues, family members and everyone else they can get their hands on. And that can go a long way in increasing your brand’s exposure, customers, sales and profits.

So take some time to look at your numbers: Are you bringing in just single sales one after the other? Or are you enjoying repeat business from buyers? Better yet, are customers sticking with your brand – and exposing you to others – for the long term? If not, it’s time to make some changes to your strategy.

Specifically, you’ll want to:

Make them fall in love. Deliver an experience that your buyers love from the very start. Don’t be pushy with sales or promos, and show them quality care, service and attention every step of the way. Give them top-quality products and service, and make the buying experience enjoyable, fun and easy. The happier they walk away from that transaction, the more likely they’ll want to do it again.

Constantly engage. Focus on engaging your customers, even after they’ve purchased and gone on their way. Keep in touch via email, interact with them on social media, and check in with them to make sure their purchases are delivering as expected. Show them that your brand cares – whether they spent their money today, yesterday or 10 years ago – and keep your company at the top of their mind whenever possible.

Give instead of take. Sure, the ultimate goal of great branding is to get sales, but don’t make that the focus of your strategies. Instead, focus on your customer – their needs, wants and goals. Give them great blog content they can use to better their companies, send them emails with how-tos and FAQs so they can get the most out of their purchases, and make them laugh with funny social media posts. Give more, and you’ll get more – I promise.

Make it as easy as possible. No one likes a sales process that’s a hassle, so do everything you can to streamline yours at every turn. Make finding, buying and receiving products simple, and cut out as many steps as you can. You want the transaction to be as quick and painless as possible.

Address feedback head-on. It might be uncomfortable at first, but don’t whitewash your brand. Negative comments or feedback might be hard to take, but don’t delete it, filter it out or hide it from your customers. In fact, respond to it publicly – show that you recognize the issue and are doing something about it. Customers want a brand they can trust and respect, and addressing your issues head-on commands just that!

Consider a loyalty program. Loyalty programs are a great way to encourage repeat business. If it works for your business model, consider implementing some sort of points-based system in which customers can earn points toward freebies, discounts or special services on every purchase they make. The prospect of free anything is a big one, so customers will likely jump at the chance to join and take advantage of it. Referral programs can work the same way and are great options for B2B brands!

If your buyers are only making one-time purchases, it’s time to make some changes. Transforming those customers into repeat buyers and brand advocates will take your company much further in the long term. Want help doing that? Contact Haley Aerospace today.

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