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Bet I got your attention with that headline.

It sounds harsh, but it’s something most aviation and aerospace brands I’ve worked with need to hear.

Your brand is not for everyone.

But you know what? It shouldn’t be.

Don’t Be a People Pleaser

When brands try to appeal to the masses, big problems follow.

They water down their content, so it applies to any and every situation. They create broad-stroke emails, marketing materials and trade show booths to catch as many eyes as possible. They try to be everything to everyone.

And while you’d think in appealing to more people, that’d mean more customers, in the end, the opposite is true.

Because of their generality—their failure to pack a punch—these people-pleasing strategies simply don’t land.

Customers, unimpressed, head to competitors instead—ones who can better meet their needs and understand their struggles.

Drill Down

We all have a universal need to be liked—and the more people who like us, the better. But it’s important to fight these instincts in business.

The truth is, you want your brand to be liked—but only by a select few people.

Drill down deep, and define your target audience to the tiniest detail. Carve out the absolute smallest market you can for your brand … and then dominate it.

Craft strategies that speak uniquely to that niche. Address their needs, wants and challenges head-on, and give them your 100-percent attention every step of the way.

Ultimately, a brand that delights a few customers is much more effective—and profitable—in the long run than one that halfway satisfies thousands.

Those customers return time and time again, they refer new business, and they become veritable brand ambassadors in their own right. They’re the gift that keeps on giving.

Fight the Urge

Don’t succumb to the people-pleasing trap. Go after a small, tightly-defined market, and your strategies will make a stronger—and longer term—impact on your bottom line.

Want help honing in on your target audience? Shoot me an email. I’m here to help.


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