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social media aerospace marketingSocial media is a vital component of any marketing strategy, regardless of what field, industry or sector your business is in.

For one, it helps connect you with your customers in a way that’s not possible with other mediums. You can interact with them one-on-one, share with them exclusive content and information, and make them feel like a truly important part of your brand and business.

Social media also gives you a great way to get leads – to reach potential, viable customers who may just be looking for your exact products and services right this very second.

But these benefits aren’t automatic or immediate. To reap them, you first have to know how to properly utilize your social accounts, particularly for the specific customer and industry you’re targeting. In a specialized field like aerospace, this is vitally important.

After all, aerospace customers aren’t your average consumers, are they? They have bigger budgets, bigger plans and a much more discerning eye when it comes to who they buy from.

Want to use social media as part of your aerospace marketing strategy? Here are just a few things to keep in mind:

  • Be visual In the aerospace and aviation fields, we have a distinct advantage: Beautiful visuals are easy to come by. Depending on your products and services, you can usually get some pretty cool aerial shots, photos of expansive runways and busy airports, or even close-up views of the latest planes and helicopters. These images go a long way in building interest. They’re highly shareable, they’re interesting, and they’re just more fun to look at than the average stock photos other businesses use. Try to use this visual edge to your advantage. Include photos in any post you can, be it Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, and be sure to set up a profile on a more visual platform, like Instagram or Snapchat.
  • Know your platform – Your social strategy should vary depending on what platform you’re using. When on LinkedIn, your posts need to target the C-level, higher-up professionals – those with buying and decision-making power. Give them industry news, stats and cold, hard data they can use to make their jobs easier. On sites like Facebook and Instagram, you’re looking at a more “social” experience. Fans and followers want interest and intrigue; they want to be entertained, talked to (not at) and valued. Be sure your posts reflect that. Anything too stodgy or buttoned-up is sure to turn a customer off.
  • Get ready to respond – In a field where there’s often a lot of money on the line, it’s not surprising that customers expect 100 percent flawless customer service. Well, social media can help you deliver just that. Existing customers can ask questions and get support, and potential ones can request more information or get clarity about a product or service. But you have to be ready for it. If a question or concern comes in, you need someone at the helm ready to answer them right away. In fact, if you can’t reply within an hour, you might as well forget it. According to a recent study by Search Engine Watch, 53 percent of people expect a brand to respond within an hour. A whopping 14 percent actually expect it

There’s no hard-and-fast formula for running a successful social campaign – especially in the aerospace world. Just be sure to keep your audience and platform in the back of your mind at all times, focus on providing value and interest with all your posts, and deliver fast, courteous and quality customer service day in and day out, and you’ll be on the right path in no time. Need more help ironing out your aerospace marketing strategy? Contact the team at Haley Aerospace today.

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