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Many aerospace and aviation brands are considered “luxury.” They’re expensive, they’re aimed at not-your-average American, and they’re something only a certain sector of the population needs (or can even afford).

Because of this, luxury brands require a different approach strategy-wise. You can’t go about their branding, marketing or advertising efforts as you would any old off-the-shelf product or company, but instead you need a more targeted method – a niche tactic aimed at reaching only a very small sector of the world.

That’s a stark difference for many marketers. As with most products, you’re looking to reach as many people in as many places as possible. While luxury brands still want lots of buyers, they also need to realize that not everyone has the potential to become one. Because of their price points or the products and services they offer in general, many luxury brands are just simply out of the question for the bulk of the world’s customers.

It’s sort of like “anti-marketing.” Instead of throwing a blanket brand out there that’s designed to include anyone and everyone, you’re creating something exclusive – something you don’t want everyone to feel welcome joining, buying or doing. It can feel wrong at first – like being the bully at the lunch table – but once you get the hang of it, it can help drive luxury sales through the roof.

Would you consider your brand a “luxury” one? Do you sell services, products or parts not designed for your average American buyer? If so, keep these key points in mind when branding or marketing your company:

Don’t advertise to sell.

Commercials, billboards, print ads – those are all fine to invest in, but don’t create them with the idea of selling a product in mind. Instead, use that ad space to show potential buyers “the dream.” Use it to show people the expensive luxury lifestyle your products and services can offer them. Sell aircraft? Show them what life is like with your own private plane. Offer in-air dining options? Let them see what a five-course meal in the sky is like. Most luxury buyers buy into an experience rather than specific products or offerings.

Get detailed.

With most products, buyers don’t care about where it was made, who made it or what parts were used, but luxury buyers give these details serious weight. They love to know their purchases were made somewhere exclusive or touched by the hands of a known expert. Communicate these unique details about your offerings, and make those buyers feel even more luxurious and exclusive than they already are.

Deliver a VIP experience.

Buyers expect a VIP experience throughout their entire relationship with a luxury brand. From the first visit to the website or the purchase of a product to a customer service call or repeat purchase down the line, they want to know their business is valued, important and not something the brand takes lightly. Make sure your luxury brand invests in the proper resources to deliver this sort of experience – plenty of service reps and salespeople, a five-star online presence, killer marketers, and more.

Do you have a luxury brand? Are your products and services doing as well as they should be? If not, give Haley Aerospace a call. We know luxury brands – and we know aviation. We can help!

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