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b2b aerospace brandWe recently delved into the value of brand development for B2B companies – how a strong brand can help an aerospace business stand out, better target its efforts and deliver a great first impression from the get-go.

This week, I want to discuss the keys to actually creating that strong aerospace brand. It’s not an easy process by any means, but it’s one that can add real value to your business and your customers.

Does your B2B have a strong aerospace brand – one that stands out in your industry? If you’re not sure, see the checklist below. A successful B2B brand is:

  • In touch with its customers’ needs and wants – At its very core, a B2B needs to be intimately familiar with what its customers need, want and desire. It needs to focus on helping those customers meet their goals, make sales and improve their businesses. Because really, if it doesn’t do that, what’s the point? Wouldn’t the customers just be better off on their own? B2Bs shouldn’t waste marketing dollars on promoting the latest product or service en masse, but instead on learning what potential customers want, then delivering customized, personalized solutions to each of them.
  • Focused on building long-term relationships, not just short-term wins – One-time sales will only get you so far. If an aerosprace brand wants to see massive success, it needs long-term relationships, not short-term wins. It needs to turn customers into brand ambassadors – people who recommend their brand to colleagues, friends, family and more. People who keep coming back year after year for more business. Social media is a big help in this arena, as it allows brands to break down barriers and stay in touch with customers long after a sale is made. Email campaigns, enewsletters and blogging are also great options too.
  • Constantly monitoring, measuring and analyzing – For true success, a B2B brand should never be shooting in the dark. Every action taken should be based on data, metrics and measurable analytics pulled from past efforts. Sure, experience and intuition can tell you some things, but using data and metrics can help guide your decisions. That’s a sure-fire route to success. It can tell you what works, what doesn’t work and what just needs a little fine-tuning.
  • Easily understood – Many B2B brands make the mistake of thinking that because their clients are “in the business,” all of them automatically understand their value proposition. Unfortunately, that’s just not the case. B2B brands need to make their unique selling point obvious. It should be in their motto and logo, and it should be easily construed from their website and other marketing collateral. Industry jargon and lingo might work in the office, but if you want a customer to latch on and realize how much they need you, you need to make sure they know exactly what you’re offering.

Does your B2B aerospace brand follow these mantras? If not, it may be time to rethink your strategies. Contact the Haley Aerospace team today to discuss how we can revamp your brand and boost your company’s success.

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