aviation marketing Mobile siteHaving an amazing, well-designed desktop site is certainly important, but in this day and age, there’s nothing more vital than a flawless mobile site – especially for aviation and aerospace brands.

You’d be amazed at the chunk of web traffic that comes from on-the-go consumers. Tablets, iPhones, Androids, eReaders and other new technology have truly changed the way our world works and does business.

If aviation brands want to stay relevant (and profitable), they need to keep up. That means having a beautiful, persuasive and 100 percent functional site that shows up properly across all devices – whether they’re phones, tablets or even web-enabled TVs.

Mobile friendliness is a crucial part of any aviation marketing strategy, and if you haven’t broached the subject at your company yet, it needs to be priority No. 1 – starting today.


Are You a Part of the Problem?

Get out your phone or tablet and pull up your company’s website. How does it look? Does it resemble your main site, or is everything out of alignment and jumbled? Can you read the text without zooming in and out? Can you navigate to and from pages easily? Do contact forms and links work?

Unless you’ve specifically had a mobile site designed, it’s pretty likely you’ll come across some issues. And if you’re having issues, imagine what it’s like for your customers. What if they need help or have a question? What if they want to buy a product but are unable to? That would be pretty frustrating – and it might even turn them off your brand for good.

The truth is a great mobile site is more powerful than you think – particularly for aviation brands. After all, when you’re in the aviation or aerospace industry …

  • Your clients need to access you on the go. Whether you operate an airport, airline, FBO or a fleet of charter jets, one thing is undeniable: You cater to travelers. Those travelers want to connect with you, get information, buy products and get help wherever they go. If your site doesn’t work on their portable phones and tablets, that can’t happen. That means a lot of unhappy customers on your hands.
  • You need to be on the edge of technology. The aviation and aerospace industries are some of the most advanced in the world. They’re responsible for developing amazing new things – rockets, planes, avionics systems and more – and customers expect brands in this field to be on the absolute cusp of technology. What will they think about your brand’s tech savvy if you can’t even get a simple mobile website up? (Hint: It’s probably not good!)
  • It helps with SEO. Since such a big chunk of web traffic now comes from mobile phones and tablets, search engines now consider a site’s mobile functionality as a ranking factor. To put it simply, that means if your site works well on a mobile phone, it will have a higher search ranking than one that doesn’t. In a big-budget industry like ours, that can mean the difference between a million-dollar sale and a lost customer.
  • You need to look professional. Customers aren’t going to spend thousands of dollars (sometimes millions, depending on your products) on a brand that’s not up to snuff. If you want to bring in the big spenders, you need to look worth every penny. Your web presence – both on a desktop and on the go – plays a huge role in how you look to the outside world. So if they’re aren’t at their very best, you’re probably losing out on some valuable business.

As a longtime aviation marketing expert, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a client with a stunning desktop site that became a jumbled mess when pulled up on my smartphone. If this sounds like your brand, it’s time to make your mobile site a major priority – before it impacts your reputation, your sales and your profits.

Want to learn more or get help perfecting your brand’s mobile site today? Contact Haley Aerospace now.

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