Our People

Gayle Haley

Chief Executive Officer
Since 1993, Gayle has been the CEO and owner of Haley Brand, as well as Haley Brand Aerospace and Haley Films, Inc. Being an instrument-rated commercial pilot herself, Gayle Haley has a unique understanding of your business. Her personal expertise in aviation is of great benefit to her clients, because she knows firsthand what the end user looks like and is looking for.

Ken Koester

Senior Design Director
Ken is a widely acclaimed creative director with over 25 years of experience creating and producing award-winning marketing solutions. His work has been nationally recognized and he has been actively involved in the Dallas Society of Visual Communications.

Bernardo Romero

Senior Graphic Designer
Bernardo brings fresh ideas to graphic and web design. He has experience in creating marketing campaigns and print ads as well as developing ads for website, email and social media content.

Jeff Saucedo

Director Business Development
Jeff brings 30 years of aviation to the table, bridging the gap between today’s rapidly changing high-tech directly to Haley’s creative talent. He served as an airline mechanic, a military pilot, and led the effort in designing and selling emerging aircraft communication technologies.

Leah Shafer

Sr. Communications Specialist
Leah Shafer is an award-winning writer, editor, SEO strategist, and social media maven with a talent for understanding her audience and creating copy that drives engagement. Her wholehearted commitment to excellence makes her an asset to any team.

Aly J. Yale

Lead Content Strategist
Aly is a writer, editor and web content strategist, with extensive experience in SEO and online marketing. She has worked for publications like Forbes, The Dallas Morning News, The Balance and Bankrate, as well as a number of marketing agencies and real estate professionals across the country.

Donovan Beery

With a background in visual communications, web design and creative concepting, Donovan has a keen eye for seeing the unique and creating corporate identities and web designs that stand out.

Michael Mandahl

Digital Design
Michael is experienced in designing, developing and producing all types of advertising materials and collateral from concept to press checks and everything in between.

Donna Rains Clark

Copy Editor
Donna is, without doubt, one of the best copy editors and proofreaders in the industry. Her attention to detail and true knowledge of typography provides a level of expertise that is second to none.

Julie Piland

Media Director
Julie Piland delivers full-service, strategically integrated media plans and expertly negotiated buys to a wide variety of customers. She knows that a client’s advertising budget, no matter its size, is an investment, and she treats it as if it were her own.

Shannon Hall

Senior PPC Manager
Shannon has spent the last decade dedicated to strategy, planning and optimizing digital ad campaigns. Having worked on clients in almost every industry, she has a unique understanding of how to effectively and efficiently target and convert customers of any kind.