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Our Work Speaks for Itself

Someone wise once said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” We deliver value and returns on investment that contribute to the bottom line. These case studies show how we did just that.

NSL Aerospace

Earning big increases in conversions & brand awareness during a pandemic

NSL Aerospace has been a supplier of sealants for aircraft along with adhesives for the aerospace industry for over 30 years. They distribute products and offer add-ons such as custom packaging, fast turnaround, and just-in-time delivery.

After three decades in business, NSL Aerospace’s offerings evolved and broadened. They were one of the first to develop a line of Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) sealants for the aviation industry and received FAA approval to bring them to market in 2008.

Despite expanding their products and offerings, NSL Aerospace’s web presence did not increase with the company’s new value-added propositions.

Atlantic Logo


When Atlantic Aviation approached Haley Brand Aerospace Agency years ago, its executives had an idea of what they wanted for their company: to find their voice in the marketplace and position themselves to grow quickly. They were ready to think big and we were the agency to make it happen.


Creating consistent branding for 47 different acquisitions

Triumph Group was growing quickly. As a global leader in overhauling and supplying aerospace systems, the organization was often acquiring new companies all over the world. By the time Triumph executives engaged Haley Brand Aerospace Agency, it consisted of 47 companies — all of which had a different specialty, focus, and product offerings.

Though the many acquisitions allowed Triumph a broader reach and a bigger audience, they also posed a problem when it came to branding: How could 47 different companies every “feel” like one to the customer? Realizing the difficulty in creating a consistent brand with all the constant change, Triumph Group brought in known branding experts Haley Brand Aerospace Agency.


Revamping an outdated composites website to own Google search results

TenCate Advanced Composites, now Toray, is a leading supplier to the aerospace industry, providing advanced thermoset and thermoplastic composite materials for the production of lightweight structures for the latest generation of commercial, general aviation, military, and unmanned aircraft. They are also the leading supplier of composite materials to the satellite, space exploration, and launch industries in the Western world.

Haley Brand Aerospace began by focusing on improvement to their search engine optimization (SEO). Poor Google rankings and showing compared to competitors were frustrating leadership, who brought us in to lead the effort to improve their search results.


Amplifying a niche aerospace brand through organic search & paid ads

Avalex Technologies is a leading engineering, design and manufacturing company of rugged avionics and electronics for defense, law enforcement, search and rescue and commercial operators, both in the United States and globally.

This company was founded in the early 1990s, but, as the CEO put it, “Nobody knows who we are or anything about our products — people believe we just make video displays.” Their innovative technology is a game-changer for the aerospace industry, but their story needed amplification.

Part of the problem was an outdated, poorly written website, little-to-no advertising, and no keywords showing up in Google search. People were looking for these kinds of systems, but finding only competitors online.

They brought Haley Brand Aerospace Agency onboard to meet these challenges.


Refining branding, positioning & messaging to beat fierce competition

Texas-based Genesys Aerosystems pioneered the world’s first FAA-certified 3D Synthetic Vision EFIS and GPS/WAAS navigator and has shipped 40,000 autopilot systems over the last 35 years.

They bring together the talents of S-TEC Corporation and other leading avionics organizations.

With big customers like AgustaWestland, Airbus Military, Bell Helicopter, and Grob Aircraft, Genesys couldn’t rest on its laurels. Its leadership sought Haley Brand Aerospace Agency’s expertise in perfecting its branding, positioning, and messaging within the marketplace.


Impressive increases in website traffic through organic improvements

With only a meager budget, the executives at Night Flight Concepts were looking for something small but mighty when it came to marketing. They wanted a strategy that could build brand recognition, bring in leads, and make the organization a real player in the night vision marketplace — and they wanted it fast.

Since expensive ad buys were out of the question, Haley Brand Aerospace’s experts decided on a more organic campaign to build up Night Flight Concept’s presence — one that would use low- and no-cost tools like social media, email newsletters, and website search engine optimization (SEO).

Velocity Aerospace

Repositioning & improving brand perception & consistency

Velocity Aerospace Group has been providing maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) to the aviation industry since the 1990s. Over the decades and after multiple acquisitions that diluted identity, Velocity Aerospace’s position in the marketplace began to lose footing and market share declined.

From the 1990s to 2020, Velocity Aerospace’s brand consistency began to waver as management struggled to stay current with branding practices, leading to mixed-message branding. This issue was compounded by greater competition and customer service shortfalls.

July of 2020 marked a new era for Velocity Aerospace with new ownership and management. This new leadership team recognized the need for rebranding to reflect the changes. They contracted Haley Brand Aerospace Agency to develop a comprehensive branding strategy for the “new” Velocity Aerospace that management was assembling, organizing, and managing.


Executing multi-level campaigns to sell a yet-to-be-produced, multipurpose aircraft

When industry titans Bell/Agusta first approached Haley Brand Aerospace Agency, they needed help launching their newest joint aircraft. The only catch? The craft didn’t actually exist — yet.

Just past the blueprint stages, Bell/Agusta’s AB139 helicopter needed everything we had to offer — branding, marketing, and even a targeted ad campaign for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Though the twin-engine, multi-purpose craft still had years until its official launch, Bell/Agusta wanted it ready to go to market the very minute it went into production.

And that’s where Haley Brand Aerospace Agency stepped in to make it happen.


New messaging & brand design for a global trade show

Colorado-based Sierra Completions helps private sector VVIPs and heads of state, modifying jet interiors to create an “office in the sky.” Their services include design, modification, integration, modernization, certified aircraft maintenance, and aircraft overhaul.

Executives at Sierra Completions called on Haley Brand Aerospace Agency when they were up against a tight deadline. They needed new messaging and associated brand design for a global trade show—and they needed it fast.


Creating a compelling brand story in the ultra-competitive plane-flipping market

It’s not often a branding agency gets to start with a blank slate and build a business from the ground up, but that’s exactly what happened when ST Aerospace hired Haley Brand Aerospace Agency to help create and support its newest business venture.

Headquartered in Singapore, ST Aerospace is a global company with more than 7,000 employees and a customer base that includes the world’s most advanced military forces, major airlines, and leading freight carriers. They envisioned a new company that specialized in luxury airplane interiors for VIP completions and refurbishment — in particular, Boeing and Airbus airframes, So ST Aerospace invested in property and hangar space in San Antonio, Texas.

With a major industry tradeshow just three months away, ST Aerospace needed to develop its newest brand extremely fast. Unfortunately, ST executives knew they just didn’t have the bandwidth or staff to do it alone.

They needed help, so they tapped the aviation experts at Haley Brand Aerospace Agency to take charge and get the job done.


Giving a brand a more relevant & approachable voice

Founded in 1978, AeroTurbine develops and provides the highest level of turbine engine and accessory overhaul, repair, and testing capabilities. After years in the business, their branding had become static, outdated, and behind the times.

AeroTurbine’s strategic position and unique selling positioning had become muddled in the changing marketplace. The organization struggled with its identity, and the overall look, feel, and voice of the brand seemed out of touch.

Though AeroTurbine had been an established brand for many years, when its executives brought Haley Brand Aerospace Agency on board for a full rebranding, the sky was truly the limit. Aside from the brand’s set-in-stone logo, Haley had a blank slate with which to work with, giving Haley’s experts the leverage they needed to help AeroTurbine reach new heights as a company.


Reclaiming a leadership position by creating a comprehensive brand strategy

Oklahoma-based Ditch Witch designs and manufactures equipment to help utilities install underground pipes, cables, gas lines, wires, and fiber optics. In a crowded marketplace with lots of competition, they wanted to relaunch their brand and reignite sales. Leadership contacted Haley Brand to dig in and make it happen.

Haley Brand faced a tight deadline to make Ditch Witch’s goals happen. We thoroughly analyzed the market to see how we should position them and their new product line.


Dominating Google search results & creating an overarching branding strategy

This Texas construction company started as a mom-and-pop organization with big dreams and a larger-than-life CEO. They specialize in industrial as well as oil-and-gas construction, and wanted to increase their presence and name recognition in commercial construction statewide. A few months into our contract, they also decided to launch a national presence. They needed help in almost every area of their business development as they took the big leap.

The company approached Haley Brand, asking for help with their brand story, which needed to change from a hometown hero success story to one of national prominence. What worked in their smaller market came across as unprofessional in a larger one, so we needed to help them get serious about branding and their marketing channels, as well as lead generation, media buying, social media, and advertising.


Fueling huge growth thorough re-branding, marketing & advertising efforts

How do you take a 50-year-old residential mortgage lender with little to no brand recognition and turn it into a valuable, in-demand commodity with more than a dozen locations, hundreds of loan officers, and thousands of new customers?

In Guardian Mortgage Company’s case, you partner with Haley Brand.

Guardian Mortgage Company, Inc. is a 50-year-old residential mortgage originator and servicer located in Dallas, Texas, with loan origination offices in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and Michigan. It originates mortgages through retail, correspondent, and consumer direct channels and currently has a $2.7 billion loan-servicing portfolio and more than 20,000 satisfied customers.

When Guardian Mortgage reached out to Haley Brand, they were faced with several problems. Though they’d been around for decades, the company had little brand awareness, and their loan-servicing portfolio was minimal. They wanted more business — and fast.


Revitalizing a brand for high-performing results

AccuCut is an international producer of educational roller die-cutting products, and the original curriculum-based die cutting company. They advance learning through hands-on curriculum tools.

AccuCut’s 1990s brand needed revitalization in a competitive marketplace. The competition’s messaging and look was much more current and relevant.

AccuCut brought in Haley Brand Aerospace Agency to relaunch the brand through naming, packing design, advertising, and trade show development