Case Study

Velocity Aerospace




Velocity Aerospace Group has been providing maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) to the aviation industry since the 1990s. Over the decades and after multiple acquisitions that diluted identity, Velocity Aerospace’s position in the marketplace began to lose footing and market share declined.

From the 1990s to 2020, Velocity Aerospace’s brand consistency began to waver as management struggled to stay current with branding practices, leading to mixed-message branding. This issue was compounded by greater competition and customer service shortfalls.

July of 2020 marked a new era for Velocity Aerospace with new ownership and management. This new leadership team recognized the need for rebranding to reflect the changes. They contracted Haley Brand Aerospace Agency to develop a comprehensive branding strategy for the “new” Velocity Aerospace that management was assembling, organizing, and managing.


Velocity Aerospace’s established reputation offered both advantages and impediments. The organization was known to provide good value, reliable follow-through, and quality avionics repairs. But they struggled with turn times, customer service communication, and a perception of being “behind the times.”

They also faced the common challenge of maintaining customer trust through the transition to new management. In an effort to maintain their current customer base while regaining market share, Velocity Aerospace reached out to Haley for a full rebranding.

Haley Brand’s branding efforts helped advantageously position Velocity Aerospace in the marketplace. The campaign restored and improved brand perception and brand marketing while creating a consistent brand identity that reflected Velocity Aerospace’s strengths.

Haley Brand leveraged the company’s current and anticipated strengths, distinctive attributes, and unique offerings to customers.


Haley Brand identified the benefits of a complete brand positioning strategy and new verbal brand identity for Velocity Aerospace. Haley’s brand positioning strategy highlighted their existing strengths while enabling Velocity Aerospace to repair and improve upon other areas.

A verbal brand identity created a consistent, capable, trustworthy, and reliable brand voice.

Velocity Aerospace is now equipped with a complete verbal brand identity including a new tagline.

Previous tagline: Our business is helping your business.

New tagline developed by Haley Brand: A new level of MRO service.

With a new verbal brand identity and a strong brand positioning strategy, Velocity Aerospace is poised to grow and re-establish its position in the MRO industry.

“Our company has changed over the years and we needed a brand identity and positioning strategy that reflected that. Haley positioned Velocity Aerospace to grow in the MRO market.”