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Once thought to be a superficial, ego-boosting format for would-be writers and maudlin teens who felt they had something to say, social media has connected with something within human consciousness that goes well beyond a simple online conversation. Through social media we have created a global connectedness and given voice to masses.

This powerful format has not gone unnoted by marketers (including those in aerospace marketing!). Knowing that the average U.S. consumer spends more than 32 hours per month surfing the net and participating on a variety of social platforms (that’s twice as much as almost any other country), social media has taken center stage as a required piece of any successful content marketing strategy.

aerospace marketing social media stats

So just what are all these consumers doing with all this time they spend online? Surprisingly, they are engaging in activities that make creating a social media presence and online marketing campaign advantageous, as they are receptive to receive your brand’s message during these activities:

aerospace marketing social media stats

Knowing there is this large captivated audience in the online marketplace should be enough to convince anyone of the importance of creating and maintaining an active online presence through social media. However, if you need a few more reasons, here are 10 more that should help convince you:

  1. Social media marketing allows you to be seen as a thought leader
  2. Online content builds trust with potential consumers
  3. Online content and social postings show up in search results
  4. Social media engagement grows your network of influence exponentially
  5. Social engagement helps to create an organic following and demand
  6. Online content appears as a value add to potential consumers
  7. Online social engagement creates a personality for your brand – which is more relatable to the average consumer than just a brand name
  8. Participating in social media expands your reach, making you more known and available to the global marketplace
  9. Social media participation and online content creation is far less expensive than online or print advertising
  10. Online content lives in perpetuity – meaning it will be available for consumers to find for years to come without your having to resubmit it or pay for an additional placement

Clearly, creating an online social presence has many advantages, leaving the only question remaining to be “where do I start the process?” That’s where the Haley Aerospace team comes into play.

Our team of experienced social strategists, content creators and Aerospace marketing pros can work with your brand to create an online strategy that garners leads, increases sales and establishes you as the thought leader within the aviation, aerospace or defense industry. When you’re ready to take the first step, contact Haley Aerospace and let us help you create an online social market strategy designed for success.

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