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Trust plays a critical role in business success nowadays.

Buyers want to know that they’re spending their money wisely, with someone who will deliver on their promises and keep to their word. They want to know that the brand they’re buying from has satisfied past customers and that there are protections in place to ensure they’re equally satisfied too.

In short, they want you to prove yourself.

How do you do that exactly? How can you show new customers you’re worth their trust? How can you prove to existing ones that you deserve to keep it? Here are four ways:

Use social proof.

Social proof can be a great way to build trust with potential clients and leads. Ask your current customers to review you on Yelp, Google, Facebook, and other review sites, and share testimonials on your website and on social media. Show them that past customers trusted you with their business (and that they’re happy they did).

Go unrehearsed.

There’s nothing more inauthentic than being superscripted and rehearsed. It leaves customers wary and skeptical, and it might even turn them off for good. Customers would rather get to know the real business they’re working with, even if that means they’re not 100 percent perfect all the time.

Here are a few ways to get more real with your customers:

  • Try your hand at live videos
  • Let your sales reps go off script and have freer, more organic conversations
  • Use shorthand, emojis, and more casual terms in tweets and on social media
  • Talk about topics that matter to your customers (not just yourself and your products)

The goal is to make customers feel like they know you, the real you, and can trust you with their hard-earned money.

Guarantee value at every touchpoint.

The truth is, most customers could go to 10 other competitors to get the same products and services you offer. If you really want to earn their trust and repeat business, you need to show them why you’re better at every turn. That means giving them something back (not just taking something) each and every time you connect.

On your blog, maybe it’s tips on how to best use their new product or how to improve their business. On email, it could be a discount code or alert about a sale, and on social media, it could just be a funny meme that makes their day. The bottom line is that the customer walks away with something and that you never, ever waste their time.

Solicit feedback.

There’s no better way to earn trust than to ask for feedback. For one, it tells customers you care about their opinion. If you respond to that feedback or even make changes based on it, it also shows you’re legitimately concerned about the services and value they’re receiving as a client.

Try to solicit feedback regularly, at least once quarterly or after every engagement. You can do this with a simple reach-out via email or phone or through an automated survey program. Just make sure you’re prepared to read the responses and act accordingly.

How Trustworthy Is Your Aviation Brand?

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