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In the world of content marketing, it can feel like certain trends come and go. But brand storytelling always plays a pivotal role in successful marketing campaigns. So, how does storytelling fit into your content marketing strategy and why should businesses never ignore the power of a well-formed brand story? Because in the aerospace industry, a brand story can be the thing that sets you apart, makes you memorable, and closes deals.

What is an Aerospace Brand Story?

The brand’s story is an overall message that establishes your company’s identity in a crowded marketplace. This story differentiates your business. It also establishes consistency and reputation while making your company more memorable.

Your brand’s story includes its values, narrative, and motivation. Values are what a company stands for, like integrity, commitment to customers, and leadership.

A narrative is the backstory and ongoing journey of your company. This includes the industry problem your company solves. The narrative also includes the people you serve (audience), team members, and the customer journey. Yes, the brand story includes your company’s history, but that’s just a sliver of the full narrative.

A company’s motivation is often the mission they want to accomplish. This can go beyond selling better products and providing better services.

Why Does an Aerospace or Aviation Company Need a Brand Story?

You likely know that marketing in 2021 looks a whole lot different than it did just two years ago. This sea change is thanks to the pandemic. The internet has given consumers (including B2B customers) access to a greater number of products and companies as well as nearly limitless information. The web also gave people the power to review and rate products and services. The pandemic drove us all online as a daily necessity to stay connected.

Salesy commercials, print ads, and billboards no longer cut it. Online content marketing gives consumers a different reason to explore a business’s website: The value of information via blogs, guides, etc.

Most importantly, storytelling helps consumers find the products and services that meet their needs. This is pivotal for aerospace and aviation companies.

Where Does a Brand’s Story Fit into the Content Marketing Picture?

Your brand’s story is interwoven into all of your company’s content. Once you’ve established your brand’s story, you need to tell that story throughout these mediums:

  • Website
  • Social media profiles and posts
  • Packaging
  • Customer interactions
  • Salesfloor, breakroom, and everything in between

A successful brand story reaches your company’s reviews and customer feedback. Ideally, your customers will respond to your products and services through reviews that reflect and verify your mission and narrative.

Once this happens, your company establishes its reputation with consistency, integrity, and verifiability. In time, your customers will perpetuate your brand story through word of mouth and reviews.

Why Does A Brand Story Matter?

A brand story is something people interact with again and again. People are drawn to consistency and want to know what they’re going to experience and get. We’re creatures of habit, after all. This consistency and knowing whom they’re buying from will begin to build your reputation in the aerospace industry, ultimately making you a go-to choice for what you do.

The benefits of a strong brand story:

  • Increased brand awareness and brand recognition
  • Reaching your target audience
  • Higher conversion rates
  • More repeat customers and brand loyalty
  • Lower cost of lifetime marketing

Does Brand Story Matter in B2B?

Absolutely. Even though aerospace is heavily B2B, your brand story still matters. In fact, storytelling will give your company a competitive edge. Let’s not forget that even in B2B, remaining people-focused is pivotal to success.

How Can You Begin Brand Storytelling?

If you are ready to create, refine, and establish your business’s brand story, you’ll want to start at the beginning and build from there. Once you have a brand story, it will inform the rest of your content.

Need assistance creating a brand story with longevity and gravity? Get in touch with Haley Brand Aerospace Marketing today. We’re here to help!