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Cool Ways to Use Your Branding at Trade Shows

By April 5, 2016September 8th, 2020branding, Tradeshows

We’re out at MRO Americas this week, and we’re betting some of you are too. In honor of this huge event, we thought we’d talk trade show innovation on today’s blog – more specifically, ways you can innovate to make your brand stand out and make a splash on the trade show floor.

Thanks to technology, the opportunities for trade show innovation abound. There’s truly no limit to what you can do. If you can think it, you can create it, show it off and make a sale off of it. It just takes a little creativity.

Though it might be too late to outfit your MRO Americas booth with the latest, greatest innovations, we all know trade shows and conferences are a dime a dozen in the aviation and aerospace worlds, so start working on your new booth ideas today, and you’ll be more than ready by the time your next show rolls around.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Apps – Every person who walks in your booth is going to have a cell phone, so why not use that to your advantage? Create a branded mobile app that visitors can pull up and use to navigate your booth. It can have information on all the products and demos you have, bios on your staffers, and even links to purchase orders and other important documents. Then they can take it with them and mull it over when they get back to their hotel room or even show it to their bosses once they get back to the office the next week.
  • Touch screens / tablets Want visitors to be able to explore tons of information, without dealing with tons of paperwork, brochures and flyers? Create an innovative tablet or touch screen application that allows visitors to learn all they can about your products and services and load tablets or touch screen laptops with them at your booth. Mount them somewhere easily visible and accessible, and make sure to funnel visitors to that location when they stop by. You can even include a fun game or two to keep them interested!
  • Hashtags Create a branded hashtag and post it all over your booth. Encourage your visitors to take pictures and share information from your booth on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms by using your hashtag. For extra motivation, run a raffle drawing and give one lucky hashtag user a free prize or goodie bag.
  • Digital signage – Banners are old hat. Up the ante a little bit and use digital signage to show off your company name, branding and products. They’ll ensure you get noticed from farther away, and they’ll make you look more professional and with the times. Plus, they can be reprogrammed and reused time and time again at other shows, so they virtually pay for themselves.
  • Phone charging stations – Invest in a handful of branded phone chargers and set up a phone charging station in your booth. Trade show goers are on their phones constantly, so you can bet a good number of visitors will appreciate this little effort. Make sure you take advantage of the time they spend charging, though – keep your tablet apps, demos and other information close by, so they can learn about your brand while waiting for their phones to juice up.

These innovations can take your brand’s booth to the next level, helping you draw in more visitors, get more leads and, ideally, get more sales too. Want more unique ideas to show off your branding at the next trade show? Contact the aviation marketing experts at Haley Aerospace today.

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