Case Study

Sierra Completions


Campaign Development
Advertising and Marketing


Colorado-based Sierra Completions helps private sector VVIPs and heads of state, modifying jet interiors to create an “office in the sky.” Their services include design, modification, integration, modernization, certified aircraft maintenance, and aircraft overhaul.


Executives at Sierra Completions called on Haley Brand Aerospace Agency when they were up against a tight deadline. They needed new messaging and associated brand design for a global trade show—and they needed it fast.

The company is almost 50 years old and they wanted to focus on the long-tenured expertise of employees and highlight the beautiful location of the completion center, Colorado Springs.


Haley Brand Aerospace Agency got to work right away with exhaustive research and strategy sessions. We listened closely to the client and their desires. With that in mind, our experts developed the “Above and Beyond First Class” campaign, which included advertising pieces and trade show collateral. Our concepts were was targeted, precise, and ready for a global audience at the big event.

The campaign and trade show were resounding successes by every measure, and Sierra Completions’ executives were delighted with the results.