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This is part one in a two-part series. Read part two here

In the world of aviation and aerospace, the most successful brands utilize language as a tool to propel their marketing efforts. This use of language falls into what’s known as a verbal identity. While not often discussed, verbal identity is an integral part of developing your brand’s voice. In fact, it’s vital in making your brand more competitive and helping you stand out from other aviation and aerospace brands. Most importantly, it defines the future of how the brand reacts to change.

What Is A Brand’s Verbal Identity?

Verbal identity is the framework for how your brand conveys its messages through written and spoken words. More specifically, verbal identity is the careful expression of your brand through uniform linguistic choices over time. Your brand’s verbal identity includes your linguistic style, tone, and patterns.

In other words, a brand verbal identity is what your brand says and how it says those things – words and voice.

Why Does a Verbal Identity Matter for Aerospace and Aviation Brands?

Verbal and visual branding work in tandem to create a fully formed brand persona. This results in a brand that is authentic, believable, trustworthy, and engaging – all of which are essential in the aviation and aerospace spaces – and translates to sales. When you have a clear brand persona, you’re easily able to build a reputation and attract customers.

There are quite a few players in the realm of aviation and aerospace. Through the connotations of words, you’re better able to shape your brand’s identity. This sets you apart and turns an ordinary business into a tangible brand.

Through a successful verbal identity plan, your company can build a more fully-realized brand identity and increase brand awareness, recognition, and conversion rates.

Verbal Identity Has an Internal Effect on Companies

It would be shortsighted to suggest that verbal identity only affects your audience. It also improves your company from the inside out. How? Language changes how your staff feels about themselves and your company. This internalization gives your brand authenticity (and can lead to greater employee satisfaction).

Have you ever wondered why so many airlines refer to their team members as “crew” rather than employees? This distinction sets the tone for how customers view their staff and how the staff views themselves as well as how they believe the company views them. This is a simple form of the power of language to shape perception.

Your Verbal Identity Becomes a Framework for the Future

The aerospace and aviation industries have experienced unprecedented challenges in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. And companies with strong, defined verbal identities responded more swiftly and on-brand in response to changes such as mask mandates and travel protocols.

Where Does All This Fit Into Your Aviation Marketing Strategy?

Your brand’s verbal identity touches every part of your brand that uses words, including:

  • The names of your products and services
  • Product and service descriptions
  • Packaging design and writing
  • Taglines
  • Internal communications
  • Website design and writing
  • Email communications
  • Social media strategy

Aviation Branding in Action

Think about the last time you boarded a commercial airliner. You likely buckled in and as you did, the flight crew went through their safety spiel. However, if you were on an airplane with seatback monitors, you may have watched a video safety message with a bit more flair. These videos have become an opportunity for airlines to exercise their Verbal Identities at intro and outros of the video.

For example, Delta’s safety videos emphasize family, fun, and human connection. Whereas Air New Zealand’s style is more peppy, quirky, and comedic as you can see in their safety video featuring Richard Simmons.

This safety video trend has given more airlines the opportunity to reinforce their branding through verbal identity tactics.

Take the First Steps for Your Company

Implementing your brand identity means defining and implementing a clear verbal identity. If you’re ready to build this element of your marketing strategy, Haley Brand Aerospace Agency can help. We offer full-service digital marketing services to ensure all your messaging is consistent, clear, and built for the future of aviation and aerospace. Get in touch today!