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Success on a Shoestring

With only a meager budget to work with, the executives at Night Flight Concepts were looking for something small but mighty when it came their aviation marketing strategy. They wanted a strategy that could build brand recognition, bring in leads and make the organization a real player in the night vision marketplace – and they wanted it fast.


Going Organic

Since expensive ad buys were out of the question, Haley Aerospace’s experts decided on a more organic campaign to build up Night Flight Concept’s presence – one that would use low- and no-cost tools like social media, email newsletters and website search engine optimization.

What resulted was a 71-percent increase in Facebook likes, a 114-percent increase in Twitter followers and a 57-percent increase in LinkedIn followers. Open rates on the company’s email newsletters jumped 17 percent, and thanks to Haley Aerospace’s SEO guidance, Night Flight’s website saw a 63-percent hike in website visits and a 44-percent increase in traffic from its top 10 keywords.


Becoming the Expert

The success of these organic online efforts, coupled with expert press placements and the company’s new night vision training programs (a service few competitors offered at the time) quickly made Night Flight Concepts a true thought leader in its space. They had become a recognized name in just a few short months.


Cashing In

Night Flight Concepts had quickly gone from small fry to big guy, and the industry titans took notice. Thanks to Haley’s custom-fit aviation marketing strategy, the company was bought and absorbed by a competitor.  NFC’s services and products are still being sold today.