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In a crowded marketplace, branding is what sets you apart from the pack. It’s what gets customers to try your products and services, re-up when they run out, or even write you a review or tout your company to their network.

But just as honing the right brand strategy can help your business, crafting the wrong one can hurt it. Big time, too.

Want to make sure your aerospace branding is on track for success? Here are the five biggest mistakes we see with new clients.

Choosing a brand that blends

This one’s big in aerospace branding. In a B2B, high-dollar industry like ours, many organizations fear pushing the envelope. This leaves us with tons of brands with very similar color schemes, fonts, logos, and even mottos and slogans.

For the average client, this can make it hard to differentiate from one company to the next, and isn’t that the whole point of branding? Be careful the fear of going “too far” with your branding doesn’t keep you from standing out.

Being too vague

For great branding, you need to know who you are: what matters to your company (and your clients) and what makes you different from other options on the block. Being vague with your branding only serves to confuse clients, and it can actually send them right into your competitor’s arms, in some cases.

The end-goal should be highly focused branding. Be direct, be specific, and really show what you have to offer through in a succinct, concise way.

A material-focused approach

We’ve built (and rebuilt) countless aerospace brands over the years. What’s become clear? Many organizations fundamentally misunderstand the point of it all.

Sure, branding gives your company a look, a feel, and a voice, but that’s not the ultimate goal by any means. What’s really important here? Giving your customers something to buy into.

Yes, the logo and fonts and color palette are all important, but the heart of branding lies in the movement you create. This is why clients to stick around, buy again and again, and even refer you to others.

Creating too many sub-brands

As you launch new products and services, it’s tempting to want to create sub-brands to help differentiate them from the pack. But what you’re really doing is diluting your brand and all the recognition that comes with it.

To really give that new brand any traction, you’d need to put serious cash toward the cause. Wouldn’t that money be better spent on advertising and marketing instead?


Once you have a brand, commit to it. Everywhere. It should be on everything you sell, do, and make, and it should look exactly the same every single time.

Inconsistent branding only makes you look haphazard and untrustworthy, and that’s the last thing you want in our high-dollar, discerning industry such as ours.

Get your aerospace branding on track

Are you making any of these aerospace branding mistakes? Just want to make sure your branding is on the right track? We’re here to help. Get in touch with Haley Aerospace today for a free branding consult.




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