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Great brand positioning is always important. But if you’re in a market with lots of competitors and tons of other options? It’s even more critical.

In a crowded marketplace, brand positioning can be what sets you apart from other companies in your space, and it can even help you better build brand loyalty and increase repeat business.

Is your aerospace or aviation brand up against a lot of competition? Is your existing aerospace or defense marketing not cutting through the clutter? Here’s how to use brand positioning to stand out.

What is brand positioning?

Brand positioning is all about differentiating yourself. It establishes you as the go-to for a specific niche of the industry or overall audience and highlights your company’s, service’s, or product’s overall strengths in relation to other options on the market. In short, it tells customers not just what you offer or what you do, but who you do it for.

Brand positioning informs consumer impressions of your brand. It influences what they think of you and your products, and even how they view your competitors.

Position yourself as a modern, go-to for younger, more tech-savvy consumers? Then your competitors look out-of-touch by comparison. Position yourself as the most experienced, time-tested company on the block? Then consumers see you as older, more trusted, and less risky.

Ways to position and differentiate your brand

There are countless ways you can position your brand and help set it apart from others in your industry (even ones with massive marketing budgets to their names).

Here are some of the most common areas you can differentiate yourself in:

  1. Price point: Are you the budget option or the premium one? The Kia or the Tesla?
  2. Tech-savvy: Do you have the most advanced technology? Is your tech (or your approach to developing it) somehow different than other brands?
  3. Experience or expertise: Is your team made up of highly respected experts and scholars? Has your brand been around the longest?
  4. Demographic: Is your target audience young or old? Located in a certain geographic area? Do they have a certain budget, need, or interest?
  5. Service: Are you focused on delivering top-notch customer service? Are all your customer reviews and ratings perfect?

You should also take a long hard look at how your competitors are positioning their brands. If another company has solidified their spot as the most experienced brand on the block, then carve out another niche for yourself. Brand positioning needs to be unique in order to be effective.

How is your brand positioned?

Want to better position your brand for success? Just need a tune-up for your existing defense marketing, aviation, or aerospace strategy? We can help. Our aviation agency experts boast over a decade of experience, and we know how to help your organization stand out. Our special focus is defense marketing, aerospace marketing, aviation branding, and aviation marketing. Get in touch for a free consultation today.



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