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How to Create a Cult-like Following for Your Brand

By June 14, 2016September 8th, 2020b2b, branding

Generally, the word “cult” isn’t used positively. But in the branding world, “cult” is the ideal word.

A cult is what you what your customers to be – a big, passionate group of people ready to tell the world how amazing you are and why you’re special. A group of people willing to go out on a limb and get others to join the cult too.

Sadly, few brands are able to achieve this cult-like status, and not because their products aren’t great or their services don’t deliver. It’s simply a matter of branding.

Maybe they’re not reaching the right types of customers, or maybe their branding isn’t resonating with the customers they do have. Whatever the reason, there’s a way to fix it.

Do you want to build a cult-like following for your company? Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Differentiate yourself. Cults don’t get behind brands that are just like all the others. They get behind those that take a stance – those who are different, unique and special. If you really want a passionate group of customers on your side, do something to stand out. Offer something different from your competitors, whether it be a different process, a different approach or a different product. Let it be known who you are and why you’re not like all the others.
  2. Make your brand a lifestyle. Just liking your brand isn’t enough. You want your company to become a part of their life, so start making your brand about a lifestyle, rather than just a product or For example, say you sell small, personal aircraft. Instead of just marketing your planes, market the lifestyle of a recreational pilot. Talk about the amazing freedoms of the sky, the ease of travel and the wonderful ways life in the air is better than on the ground. Make your customers long to be a part of the lifestyle your brand represents.
  3. Don’t just shout your branding into the void. Listen to your customers. Find out what they respond to, pay attention to their questions and concerns, and alter your branding strategy accordingly. Your ultimate goal needs to be meeting their needs, so constant, vigilant listening is crucial – both online and through your customer service venues.
  4. Create a community. A big part of a cult is the community – the ability for cult members to talk to others who share their same interests and beliefs. You want to foster this for your brand, too, so make customer connections easy. Invest time and resources into your social media, where customers can ask questions, reply to each other and discuss your brand’s lifestyle. Organize events where customers can meet and get to know each other. Foster those relationships, and let a love for your brand bond people.
  5. Be inclusive. Don’t set limits on who can be a part of your cult. If there’s anyone who wants to be a part of your brand and your brand’s lifestyle, let them – even if they’re not the “ideal” demographic you’re targeting. The truth is, sometimes those you least expect will be your biggest brand advocates, so welcome them into the fold wholeheartedly, and don’t close your brand off to anyone who’s willing to join up.

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