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Loyal customers are like the Holy Grail in business. They mean long-term, repeat sales, valuable referrals, and most importantly, lower acquisition and marketing costs over time.

For aviation and defense brands with big dollars on the line, these can be serious and game-changing advantages.

But a loyal customer relationship isn’t built in a day. It requires extra care and effort to make clients feel valued and like an important part of your brand (and not just another notch on your belt).

How are you fostering brand loyalty with your customers? Want to do better? Here are five strategies that can help:

1. Back your offerings.

Offering a guarantee, warranty, or even just a free return/exchange program can give customers more confidence in your business, as well as the products and services you sell. It shows them that you value their satisfaction and that you’ll take the steps necessary to ensure it no matter what.

2. Call them out.

Everyone wants to feel special – especially customers putting their hard-earned dollars on the line. To give them those warm-and-fuzzies, try singling out a few customers once in a while. Send them a thank-you note, follow up after a big purchase, or recognize them on social media. Make them feel like an important, valued part of your business.

3. Launch a rewards program.

Let your clients rack up points or discounts with each purchase they make from you or consider a cash-back or gift card program that accrues over time. These types of programs are proven to foster long-term loyalty and repeat sales, while also providing additional value to the customer.

4. Ask their opinion.

Solicit customer feedback often. Send out surveys, ask clients to review or rate you, and follow up after purchases to see how your team is doing. Let them know you value their opinion, and that you’ll take steps to act on it if something’s not up to par.

5. Stay in touch.

Don’t let customers fall by the wayside. Reach out regularly to check in, offer up tips and insights that can add value to their bottom lines, or just stay top of mind with daily social media posts. Show customers you’re in it for the long haul.

The Bottom Line

Sit back and take stock of how you’re currently building brand loyalty. Could you do more? Just want more repeat business and long-term sales? Adopting some of these proactive strategies can help. Want more assistance fostering loyalty for your aviation brand? Get in touch with Haley Aerospace today.

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