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Brand repositioning may seem like a common strategy in the aviation industry. However, many marketing teams shy away from the idea. More often, companies remain unaware of when a brand reposition would benefit their company.

To clear things up, there are several indications that a brand repositioning would best serve your company.

Conditions that demonstrate a brand repositioning is a must:

  • Your brand image is unclear, nonexistent,–or has a negative association (often perpetuated an emerging brand)
  • Your company has evolved beyond its original differentiation or strategy
  • Your brand is perceived as “worn out,” “outdated,” or out of touch with technology
  • Your organization is entering a new industry or niche within the aviation industry
  • You are being out-branded by a new competitor
  • A subsidiary of your brand has presented a negative branding challenge
  • Your brand lacks connection with your audience
  • You are having to create extensions in your original branding to appeal to a new customer base

How to Begin Your Brand Reposition

Building a brand is a monumental undertaking. Brand repositioning often carries the same challenges, plus the additional obstacle of unrolling your new branding without alienating existing customers. 

However, the process should feel familiar. With the guidance of an experienced aerospace agency, such as Haley Brand, your organization will ultimately thrive under a brand reposition.

We recommend these 3 steps for a smooth brand repositioning:

    1. Communication is key: Repositioning a brand requires tact and carefully planned communication with your current client base, including new packaging. Additionally, internal communication should reinforce your new brand position while reassuring your team that your organization maintains stability.
    2. Competitive research is a must: The aviation and aerospace landscape is constantly evolving. To ensure brand vitality, you must examine the current market.
    3. Hire an agency with industry know-how: A brand repositioning is a chance to reinvigorate your brand. However, using the right agency to help you get there makes all the difference in your repositioning success. Look for a team that will aid you at every level of the transition, from brand voice to leadership coaching.

Haley Brand Aerospace Agency: Your Ticket to a New Brand Position

Haley Brand can inject new life into your brand with strategic brand repositioning. With over two decades of success in the aviation and aerospace industry, our team will help you navigate the market while maintaining fidelity with your current clientele.