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aviation aerospace marketingIn the aviation and aerospace worlds, it’s all about the visuals.

We work in an extremely visually friendly industry. We build, service and fly massive, stunning machinery. We soar high above the earth on a daily basis. We serve some of the world’s biggest companies, people and populations.

All of this lends itself to some truly eye-catching imagery – imagery that can be used to draw in customers, market your services and bring in more sales.

But gone are the days when just plain old photos will cut it. In today’s digitally savvy world, there are so many ways to deliver an amazing visual experience, each one with unique benefits and advantages that can help your brand.

Are you stuck using boring static photos on your social media? Have the same old banners from 10 years ago on your website? Here are some ways to get with the times and up the visual ante on your brand’s web presence.

1. Videos

Videos are now easier than ever to share. You can post them to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and you can easily embed them in web pages to explain a product, show a plane in action or just give customers a glimpse from above. And thanks to smartphones, they’re easy to capture too. You don’t even need a camcorder or any editing equipment! Just pull out your smartphone, upload the footage to YouTube, and the rest is done for you.

2. Infographics

Forget delivering stats and data in boring word form. Translate that data into eye-catching graphics that excite and inform your customers. Things like charts and pie graphs are great ideas for cold, hard numbers, while guides and checklists are a good way to give your clients a printable tool they can take and use on the go. An added bonus? Infographics are highly shareable, so they may get your posts some extra likes and shares!

3. Cinemagraphs

For real visual impact, try a cinemagraph. These fairly new images are like interactive photos. Most of the picture is static, but one area – maybe a building, someone’s face or an animal – features a slight movement. Maybe it’s a twinkle in the eye, a light flipping on in a window or a star flickering in the distance, but either way it adds visual interest and really draws the viewer’s attention.

4. Live streaming

Tools like Periscope make live video a breeze. Show customers exactly what’s going on behind the scenes at any moment, just using your phone or computer. Take them on a ride through the sky, walk them through the terminal to your busy FBO, or show them a plane being serviced on the tarmac. They’ll love feeling like a real, active part of your company, and it will inspire brand loyalty for years to come.

Static images get boring fast, so make sure your brand is staying current with the visual trends of today. Infographics, video, live streaming and cinemagraphs are all great ways to add visual interest to your web presence, while also marketing your products and services to new customers.

Want help using these visual mediums to your advantage? Contact the aviation and aerospace marketing experts at Haley Aerospace today.

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