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aviaton brand jargonWhen devising their branding, too many companies – especially those in the aviation and aerospace fields – fall into the jargon trap.

Yes, you and your teammates know what “MRO,” “FBO” and “VFR” stand for, and “HEMS” and “bizav” might be regular terms thrown around your office, but to the average consumer, these are barriers – confusing jargon that makes your brand hard to understand and even harder to do business with.

Think of it this way: The whole point of branding is to convey what your brand is about – what it stands for, what services and products it offers, and what problems it can help your customers overcome. If you muddle your branding with overcomplicated terms and lingo that you have to be a pro to understand, how will a customer ever know what you do, let alone that they need your help?

The truth is, in branding simplicity is king.

Every inch of your branding, from the name of your company down to the logo and motto, needs to be created with this in mind. Each element should be easily understood, and it should quickly and succinctly sum up who you are and what you do.

Here are some general rules to live by:

Avoid acronyms

Sure, some people may understand your acronyms, but a good many won’t. And by using them, you’ll require yet another turn on the road to understanding your brand – another barrier to entry. They’ll have to head to Google, look up the term, and then evaluate whether your brand meets their needs or not. It’s a waste of their time – and it’s definitely not going to endear you to them right off the bat.


Not sure if a term is too lingo-y to use in your branding? Take a second to reflect on how you learned about it. Were you on the job? Were you in school? Were you a customer looking for help? You generally want to stay away from terms you only know because you’re in the industry. Even if you’re a B2B, not all your clients are going to have the same background as you, and they might not know all the same terminology. To be truly successful, you want your brand to be accessible to every customer – no matter where they came from or what they know.

Think descriptive

If you can’t seem to avoid jargon when naming your brand or devising your branding suite, think back to kindergarten. How would a child describe what you do? Sure, it may take a few extra words or letters, but in the end, if it better conveys what your brand can deliver, it will more than pay off.

Get a second, third and fourth opinion

When you think you’ve nailed down a non-lingo way to brand your company, get an outside opinion. Ask your kids, your spouse, your friends and your family to take a look, and see if they understand the idea behind your branding and what it means to a customer. You may have to do a few iterations before you get it right, but rest assured, you’ll have a better, more accessible brand because of it.

Jargon can be a real branding killer, so make sure yours is clear of lingo and industry terms that might make you inaccessible. Want help? Need more advice for honing your aviation brand? Contact the aviation and aerospace branding experts at Haley Aerospace now.

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