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What’s in a name? Everything. A business’s name is its most recognizable asset. With this in mind, it’s no wonder so many people struggle to name their pets, people, products, and businesses. However, the art of naming doesn’t have to be insurmountable. In fact, we challenge you to embrace the act as an honor that only a few people will ever get the privilege to perform.

Let’s face the challenge head-on!

Why is naming an aviation or aerospace business or business such a feat? First, the industry has so many big names–and the smaller guys all start to sound the same. When you first enter this complex process, it’s difficult to shake all of those names while feeling like you have a clear direction to go. Additionally, many of our products require long, technical names. Finally, inventing a completely original and unique name comes with a lot of pressure.

Making the Naming Process Easier

  1. Use an Objective Approach

Become familiar with the naming process as well as the typical hiccups that come along with it. This includes unproductive input. Those involved in the ideation process often dive deep into free association with any names that are introduced. Remind the group that these associations are subjective, and any selected name will develop meaning of its own over time.

  1. Embrace the Potential of a Name

The value of a name goes beyond its immediate weight. A great name should lend itself to a brand narrative. It also needs to be able to adapt to your business as it grows and develops into the future.

  1. Aim for a Core Idea

With so much of marketing relying on your brand identity, it’s vital to boil down to who you are and connect your name to a core idea. Some of the questions you will want to consider to determine what core idea your business or product should connect with include:

  • What makes your business or product unique?
  • What do you offer that no other business does?
  • What concept sparked your business or product into existence?

Take Flight with a New Name

If you’re beginning the process of naming a new business, a subsidiary of your existing business, or a new product or line of products, keep these guidelines in mind. Naming a business is hard. However, your business’s success doesn’t ride on a name alone. Lean into the potential when name ideas arise during the process. Remain strategic and objective.