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Social Media for B2B: What Should Aviation Companies Be Doing? | Haley Brand Aerospace

The aviation and aerospace industries are largely B2B. And while many seem to think this disqualifies their brand from using consumer-friendly platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or even LinkedIn, the truth is that these tools can wield serious power when used properly.

Think of it this way: Though your buyers might be companies and major corporations, the purchase decision is still being handed down by a person – an executive, a marketer, maybe even a whole board.

Regardless of their title, they’re people, and more than likely, they’re people who use social media on a daily basis, just like you and me.

Reaching B2B Buyers Through Social Media

Our digital and social experiences inform our purchase decisions, whether we’re making them for ourselves or on behalf of the businesses we work for.

We use Facebook reviews to judge a brand’s trustworthiness and quality, we use Twitter to catch up on a company’s latest products and news, and we use Instagram to see how relevant and tech-savvy a brand is. It all matters, and your presence on a platform (or lack thereof) can directly impact your ability to connect with the very buyers you’re hoping to do business with.

So, how can you make sure you’re leveraging social properly as a B2B brand? And what can you do to maximize your results? Here are some tips:

  • Join the conversation. You don’t have to do all the heavy lifting yourself. Find your audience, follow movers and shakers in the industry, and put your two cents into conversations that are already happening.
  • Be human. Remember, at the end of the day, you’re talking to people – regardless of how high up in a company they might be. Be relatable in your posts and have conversations with your followers (don’t just throw sales promos and jargon at them!)
  • Show your culture. This is in the same vein, but give followers a peek behind the curtain. It humanizes your brand and makes you feel more welcoming.
  • Participate in events. Whenever a conference, trade show, or industry event is happening, tune in to your social channels – whether you’re at the event or not. Be sure to use event-branded hashtags to get your posts more traction too.
  • Track and analyze constantly. Don’t just shoot in the dark with your social. What works on one platform might not work for another, so tune in to your analytics and be prepared to make strategic changes as necessary.

Make sure you create buy-in with your C-suite, too, and sit down with compliance to ensure your posts align with any rules or regulations they need to.

How Are You Doing With Social?

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