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aviation marketing brand voiceTo truly connect with a potential customer, your brand needs a voice. A voice that has its own distinct cadence, rhythm and tone unlike any other company in your space.

Your voice is what conveys to the customer what your brand is about. It shows off your brand’s personality, it tells customers what your values are, and it shows them exactly what sort of service they can expect when doing business with you. It also helps distinguish you from your competitors, and it’s a crucial part of any solid aviation marketing strategy.

In order to be effective, this voice needs to come across throughout your collateral. That means your website, your marketing materials, even your logo and motto should also have the same unique voice that speaks to your brand and your customers.

If developed properly, this brand voice will help:

  • Build trust – A brand voice helps customers become more familiar – even intimate – with your brand. They follow it, they get to know it, and eventually they start to trust it. Over time, this trust can result in more long-term customer relationships and more referrals.
  • Influence customers –The way you word things and the tone in which you say them can have a huge effect on how customers perceive your brand and interact with it. By honing in on a solid brand voice, you can make customers feel like you care – like you’re trying to help them – and they’ll be more likely to buy your products or use your services as a result.
  • Convey your values – A good brand voice embodies the company’s values – what it deems important, unimportant, worthy of time, etc. It can even help convey what a brand doesn’t like, and the things that it doesn’t support or get behind.
  • Set you apart – Each brand voice should be completely unique to the company at hand, as well as the people employed at the company and the overall company culture. By creating this unique voice, you can differentiate yourself from other brands on the market and show customers exactly what makes you the better choice when it comes to their business.

Take stock of your current aviation marketing and branding efforts. Does your company have a unique voice? Could a customer glean from your website what your culture is like, what your company values are, and what kind of service you deliver? If not, you may want to take some time to develop a solid brand voice that’s all your own. Need help? Contact Haley Brand Intelligence today.

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