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If you follow any marketing blogs or influencers, then you’ve probably seen the phrase “thought leadership” used in posts.

Is it something you should be using for your own brand? Could it help boost your bottom line or bring in new customers in 2020?

Here’s what you need to know.

The What

So, what exactly is thought leadership? Put simply, it’s any sort of content that positions you as a leading, knowledgeable voice around a particular subject matter.

For us at Haley Aerospace Marketing, it’s blogs about branding and marketing. For Nike, it’s content around proper foot support or running form. And for stores like Walmart and Target, it’s about saving cash, getting deals, and making the most of your money.

Exactly what thought leadership content is about varies based on your industry, your products, and the customer you’re looking to reach. The main point? Show off your knowledge in your specific niche.

The Who

Who is thought leadership good for? That would be anyone and everyone: B2B companies. B2C brands. Your executive team. Your customer service reps. Everyone who has some sort of expertise to share can offer up thought leadership and help establish your organization as an authority in its industry.

The When

When should you offer up thought leadership? More importantly, when is a topic worth your thought leaders’ efforts and time? As long as you have proven expertise in the field, there’s no wrong time to share your insights.

There are, however, some times when your content may get more views or traction due to outside circumstances. These include when a subject is:

  • In the news or somehow topical
  • Getting coverage from competitors or others in your space
  • Related to some sort of challenge or struggle your clients are currently dealing with

Keep in mind, consistency is key here. You don’t really need a reason for offering up your team’s thought leadership. In fact, you should simply have a regular, set schedule for providing it. Maybe it’s once a month on your blog or every other Tuesday via Facebook Live. Whatever it is, stick to it and be reliable about it.

The Why

Great thought leadership takes time. It requires careful planning, great writing, and a good marketing strategy to get it in front of the right eyes (or ears).

Why should you bother putting in all that time and effort when you’re already resource-strapped and busy? Here are just a few of the benefits thought leadership can bring about:

  • It establishes you as an expert in your field
  • It helps you start conversations with clients (new and old)
  • It shows your abilities and skills to potential clients
  • It improves your SEO and marketing efforts

There are more, but the general gist is simple: It makes you look good.

The How

There’s no right or wrong way to share thought leadership content, but there are ways to increase your content’s exposure and the impact it has on your business.

If you want to see the most results from your efforts, you should:

  • Be consistent. Deliver your thoughts often and reliably. You want to be someone your clients (and prospective clients) turn to for advice. You can’t be that unless you’re consistently showing you’re there, you’re available, and you’re ready to dive in deep.
  • Be thorough. When discussing a topic, answer your reader’s questions fully, even the most basic ones. Show you know your stuff inside and out.
  • Be clear and direct. Don’t throw in all kinds of industry jargon and lingo. Readers shouldn’t need a thesaurus or translator to get through your content. Make it approachable, easy to understand, and concise.

You should also have a system for thought leadership production. How will you generate ideas? Who will write, edit, approve, and post your content? What’s the plan for promoting it once it’s finished?

The Where

Thought leadership content can go just about anywhere: your blog, your social media accounts, your ads and marketing material, and more. Wherever there are clients or prospective clients interacting with your brand, there’s an opportunity to show off your knowledge and solidify your place as a trusted expert.

The Bottom Line

Great thought leadership content can set you apart from your competitors, and it could be what turns a casual onlooker into a longtime and profitable client.

Want help getting your aerospace brand’s thought leadership efforts off the ground? Then get in touch with Haley Aerospace Marketing today.

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