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We are living in extraordinary times. Even if you don’t spend a dime on your aviation branding or marketing in 2020, customers are going to have an opinion about your company and how you’re handling it.

Maybe they’ll think you’ve disappeared during the pandemic. Or maybe they’ll think your customer service is poor.

The truth is branding during the COVID-19 crisis isn’t just your best defense against inaccurate perceptions of your company; it’s also the most effective way to proactively shape customer opinion. It gets you ahead of preconceived notions and molds the impression clients have of your organization from the ground up.

It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort or resources, either. Just thoughtful planning, consistency, and a thorough understanding of your audience and what they’re looking for.

Using Smart Aviation Branding

Before you can use branding to shape perceptions of your brand, you need to answer three big questions first.

1. Who is your audience and what are they looking for?

Paint your ideal audience in broad strokes. What are their demographics and budget? What are their business needs and challenges? What are they interested in and what don’t they like? Are they working from home?

You should then couple that with cold, hard data. Conduct online surveys to really understand your audience on a deeper level. You need a good foundational knowledge of your customer mindset before you can ever begin any sort of branding initiative.

2. What do you want that audience to think about your company?

Next, Zoom with your team and determine what your ideal brand perception would be. Do you want to be known as the company with the best online presence during COVID-19? The most helpful? The most advanced technology? Really hone the image you want to convey, and get super detailed with it.

Remember: you can’t be everything to everyone, so focus on your strength and create a zeroed-in message you want customers to come away with.

3. What would convey that message?

Once you know the perception you want customers to have, then you need to determine the best way to portray that. If you want to be known as the best at customer care and service, building up an arsenal of positive reviews and happy customers is your best bet. If you want to convey that your brand offers the best value during this economic downturn, a more numbers-focused branding approach may be best. Can you pull client ROI data and use that in your slogan or advertising? Do you have analytics that can back up your efficacy? There’s no hard-and-fast answer when it comes to crisis aviation branding.

You’ll need to customize your efforts to the exact audience you’re trying to reach, as well as the image you’re looking to convey.

What Do Customers Think of Your Aviation Brand?

Want to get out ahead and shape customer perception during this global pandemic? The right aviation branding can help. Get in touch with our aviation agency today to learn more.

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