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Search engine optimization is part art, part science, and frequently frustrating for companies trying to figure it out in-house. This is especially true if the company is trying to rapidly increase its brand presence to attract a buyer.

That was the situation a few years ago when TenCate Advanced Composites approached us. They were well-regarded suppliers of advanced aerospace thermoset and thermoplastic composite materials. But less-than-impressive Google search results and lackluster website performance had them scratching their heads. Why weren’t they ranking better in Google?

Compelling Composites

Haley Brand Aerospace started working with TenCate quickly. Our team flew to their American headquarters in Morgan Hill, Calif., for a three-day deep-dive and strategy sessions with leadership. They wanted to boost their brand the business divisions of aerospace, space, automotive, consumer, industrial, and composite tooling.

We learned about TenCate’s compelling story. They led the Western world as a supplier of composite materials to the satellite, space exploration, and launch industries. TenCate carbon fiber composites were behind the production of lightweight structures for leading-edge commercial, general aviation, military, and unmanned aircraft. Their company brought together state of the art composites with recognized technical expertise. Exciting stuff!

But little of that was communicated through their website or social media, and their SEO results showed it. They were barely making a blip on Google. Social media was inconsistent and without strategy.

A Resounding SEO Success

Over 14 months, Haley Brand Aerospace focused on improving SEO through content development, website redesign, and supporting social media on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Their Director of Product Marketing our work a “resounding success.”

He continued, “We came to Haley Brand Aerospace frustrated by our organic search positions and website performance. Over the course of 14 months, they delivered better-than-expected results, getting many of our keywords on page one and strategically rewriting much of our website. It was a beneficial business relationship.”

Most important, we prepared their brand for a sale. Toray Advanced Composites, a leading global supplier of carbon fiber and composite materials, acquired TenCate Advanced Composites less than a year later and TenCate became is now known as Toray Advanced Composites.

We’re proud of the work we did and the way we helped TenCate solidly occupy their space in the aerospace composites industry. Read our case study to learn more. We can help your aerospace branding and SEO, too. Get in touch today!